10 Things Not to be Missed When Strolling Down the Las Vegas Strip

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A trip to Las Vegas is not complete without a stroll down the famed Las Vegas Strip, a simple street that personifies what Sin City is today and a place full of wonder and excitement for everyone’s taste.

Las Vegas is synonymous with its world-class casinos.  From Flamingo to Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Wynn and The Venetian, these casinos embody the allure of Sin City.  Casinos are also the primary reason why droves of tourists flock annually to this desert city, trying out their luck and hoping to strike it rich.

But Las Vegas is far more than just its renowned casinos.  In fact, there is so much to see and do on the Strip other than gamble, that it’s enough to keep an average tourist busy for days.  Here are our top picks of what you should do and see on the Las Vegas Strip.

1. Slotzilla

Slotzilla “lives” just off the Strip, at the beginning of Fremont Street.  This contraption is a zipline that commences atop the world’s tallest slot machine, that towers at 12 stories high.  On your way down, you will glide above some cool landmarks, like the Fremont Street Experience pedestrian mall, several casinos and a neon-lit canopy.

2. High Roller

Keeping it fun after your Slotzilla ride, you can board the High Roller, the world tallest Ferris wheel.  It’s a lengthy 15-minute ascent to the top vantage point, but nothing can compare to the spectacular views of Las Vegas and the surroundings that can be seen from there.  The roomy glass cabins are fitted with both benches and stand-up space so that you can observe the surrounds from every angle.

3. Neon Boneyard

If you think neon signs are kitsch, then a visit to the Neon Boneyard will surely erase that preconception.  Here, the retired signs that once graced the Strip have found a new home as a modern art exhibition.  At the boneyard, you can marvel at over 200 giant neon signs strewn across a two-acre open-air museum.

4. Bellagio Fountains

No trip to Las Vegas comes a full circle without stopping to admire the Bellagio Fountains. Watch these watery wonders swerve and jive to a spectre of tunes, ranging from Broadway classics to rock ‘n roll and pop.

5. Bellagio Conservatory

While at the Bellagio admiring its fountains, hop over to the conservatory and botanical gardens located on the casino premises, for a real horticultural sensory extravaganza.  The plants in the garden are replaced each season and are maintained by a team of 120 botanists and landscapers, who keep this botanical paradise in mint condition at all times.

6. Bellagio Art Gallery

Yes, Bellagio doesn’t cease to impress with its offering, with yet another not-to-be-missed stop.  If you are looking for world-renowned art pieces, then this is the place to go.  As part of its permanent collection, the Bellagio Art Gallery showcases pieces from Rembrandt, Monet and Warhol, while works of Picasso currently grace its temporary exhibit.

7. Container Park

Container Park is one of the new kids on the block but is already drawing in swarms of visitors daily.  This crowd hub is a family-friendly environment that offers an outdoor shopping experience, as well as the Treehouse play exhibit for the kids, free concerts and relaxation areas.  There are also evening movie screenings each weekend of spring, summer and autumn.

8. Chandelier Lounge

The Chandelier Lounge is by far the most spectacular watering hole in the entire Las Vegas.  This three-storey bar is snuggled inside the largest chandelier in the world, offering stunning views of the city.  The first floor is occupied by a classic casino bar, while floor two is a sweet spot for unique and crafty cocktails.  On the third floor, you can absorb in the splendour of the place, glimpsing into the world of The Chandelier below.

9. Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Why trek to Paris if Paris can come to you?  The Eiffel Tower Restaurant, nestled inside a half-sized replica of the original Eiffel Tower, is a gastronomic sensory overload.  This elevated French haunt offers exemplary continental delights and unforgettable views of the Strip.

10. Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes

A true hidden gem of Las Vegas is the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes.  This fantasy world takes you to Venice, with its ancient canals and cobblestone pathways.  If you are looking for a shopper’s paradise and some people watching, then you’ve come to the right place.

Las Vegas is far more than what we have come to believe.  The casinos do remain the backbone of the city’s offer, but when it comes to other activities, the options are endless.  Go check it out!

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