Top 10 Online Casino Tips to Winning Online

Winning a casino game has a lot to do with luck.  But even those that have lady Fortuna continuously smiling down on them will need a bit more than fluke to maintain their winning streak all the time, especially when the odds are stacked against them.  Carefully considering where you play, how you play, and when to stop all add up towards you having a magnificent gambling outcome.

To aid you along your betting journey, we have compiled a list of top ten online casino tips and tricks that can assist you in increasing your winning chances and charting your way towards your next big earning.. Don’t try to run after losses

Gambling is a game of give and take.  And, hopefully, you are taking more from the house than vice versa.  However, the casinos are ultimately set up in a way that allows them to get more out of all the players than they give back to them (otherwise they wouldn’t be in business!).  So, when you score a sizeable win, be wise and cash out.  Chances of you hitting another equal or more significant amount, although possible, are usually not probable.  Likewise, if you enter into a losing spiral, the worst thing to do would be to up your wagers and hope for a quick rebound.  Always acknowledge and accept your loses, and don’t be tempted to wager over your session bankroll.

2. Strategise when playing casino games

Poker is an excellent example of a game where it’s not only luck but careful strategising that will help you to win.  Shrewd veteran players will always be in full control of their bankroll and how to play their cards against less experienced players.  Carefully observing everything, from the behaviour of your opponents to the amounts of money they are wagering at a time, can allow you to “read their minds” and put you in an advantageous position.  Naturally, some games are less optimal for strategising, especially when they lack any tell-tale patterns to follow that could give you a statistical advantage.

3. Play with recognised online casinos

You might be ready to gamble online for the first time but going after the first search option on Google is not always the best idea.  Always do a thorough scrutinisation of existing online casino options before you deposit your hard-earned cash into an invisible online wallet.  Things to be on the lookout for are the availability of the internet and its speed, payout percentages and device compatibilities.  To assist you in finding a tried and tested online casino in Canada, we have compiled a list of some of the best online casinos in Canada for you to choose from.

4. Grab the bonuses

Most online casinos incentivise their players by offering them free online casino bonuses.  Be on the lookout for those casinos that are not too stingy when it comes to dishing out free money.  Some of the bonuses that are up for grabs include the following:

  • Signup bonus – complimentary credit that gets offered to all newly registered players
  • Deposit bonus – some casinos stimulate their players to deposit more by offering free moolah to any deposits over a certain amount
  • No-deposit bonus – more generous casinos will give their players extra credits even when no deposits by them are made
  • Welcome bonus – this is a free credit for all new players when they first play
  • Loyalty bonus – those players that come back to the online casino over and over again are acknowledged by receiving loyalty bonuses
  • Referral bonus – should you refer a friend to an online casino, you could be rewarded in cash by that casino

5. Make use of free casino games

While you might have set your eyes on a particular game and have a good feeling about it, it would be wise to first see if the online casino offers a free version of that game, so that you can sharpen your skills before you try the real deal.  These games almost always follow the format of their real money alternatives, although you only score points instead of real money.

6. Winners know when to stop

The allure of online gambling is tantalising, and often we get carried away with the amount of time and money that we invest during a betting session.  Remember always to set a defined budget that is within your means, before you embark on your next gambling experience.  Also, a sizey winning does not usually knock on one’s door twice.  If you hit gold, pat yourself on the back, cash out and go and enjoy your hard-won prize with those that matter.

7. Don’t drink and play

Having a drink or two while enjoying your favourite casino game sounds ideal.  But getting yourself sloshed while betting is a recipe for disaster.  Alcohol tends to lower your inhibitions, which could result in you trying to bite off more than you can chew when it comes to risk-taking.  This is one of the main reasons why certain inhouse casinos are more than generous with complimentary drinks for their big players.

8. Look out for games with a low house edge

Casinos use house edge to calculate how much they pay as opposed to what true odds would pay.  Casinos that make the most money are the ones that pay less than what a bet is worth.

9. Set your gambling limits

While big jackpots and player-on-player tournaments might seem to you as a quick way to make some big bucks, the truth of the matter is that you should first upskill yourself on a particular game before trying to conquer it.  Set your winning and losing limits for each game and stick to them.  This will guarantee that your gaming experience remains all about fun.

10. Choose the best banking method

Some casinos offer preferential transacting when using specific banking methods like cryptocurrency.  Always use a method that is most convenient for you and that carries with it the lowest withdrawal fees, so that you can maximise your winnings.

We hope that these few online casino tips will help you understand the nature of gambling better and will give you the edge when playing.  Ultimately, online gambling should be all about fun.  Enjoy and break a leg!