True Grit Redemption Online Slot

True Grit Redemption Review

A mission for vengeance develops into a harrowing journey where the crew’s grit is tested. Will you join them on their quest for redemption? The stakes are high and the guns are blazing? The player may look forward to both hallmark features and new innovations here. True Grit Redemption is a real online video slots game that is brought to you by Nolimit City and is played on 6 reels, with up to 240 win ways. If you are an online Canadian gaming client who is partial to a genuine old school cowboy game, this is the slot for you.

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Slot Details

To take on this vengeful mission, you need to place your bet. Should you prefer to spectate this action, simply opt for the Autoplay Function. The “quick draw” is accommodated for in this game … “that’s right cowboy, you be goin’ right up an’ pressing that quick spin (function)” now.  

You stand the chance of winning up to 20 220 x your bet.

Game Rules

  • Gains will be calculated by multiplying the value of the symbol (depicted in the paytable) and the number of ways of that winning symbol.
  • A winning combination of the same symbol type will pay from the left to the right.
  • Malfunction voids all winnings.
  • Game rounds not finished within 90 days will be closed.

Top Reel

  • The three positions in the top reel will only hold Character and Wild Symbols.
  • Should the symbol in the top reel match a symbol in the main reel, then both symbols will be transmuted into Wild Symbols.

Main Reel

  • The main reel is where all regular, Wild, Scatter and Grit Girl Symbols will appear.
  • Symbols in the main reel area will be affected by Special Symbols appearing in the top and bottom reels.
  • The locked areas on the main reel will diagonally open up:
    • 1 Scatter Symbol will open up the first 4 positions;
    • A 2nd Scatter Symbol will open up the next 3 positions;
    • A 3rd Scatter Symbol will open up the following 2 positions; and
    • A 4th Scatter Symbol will open up the final position.

Bottom Reel

  • The four locked positions in the bottom reel will hold both Character and Special Symbols.
  • The extreme right symbol position in the bottom reel will always hold a locked Sticky Wild Symbol that is attached to a Multiplier.
  • The Special Symbols that may appear in the bottom reels are as follows:
    • xNudge Wild Symbols;
    • Transform “EM” Symbols;
    • Reel Split Symbols;
    • Wild Symbols;
    • xWays Symbols; and
    • Infectious xWays Symbols.
  • The Sticky Wild Symbol that is attached to a Multiplier will unlock during the Dead Spins Feature.
    • The Multiplier will increase by +1 for each and every cascade.

Wild Transform Feature

  • By matching the symbol in the top reel and the symbol underneath (on the same reel), both symbols will be transformed into Wild Symbols.

xNudge Wild Symbol

  • A stacked Wild Symbol exists in the bottom reel that will always nudge to full visibility.
  • Each nudge increases a Wild Multiplier by + 1.
  • Should the symbol nudge over a Wild Symbol, an extra + 1 will be added to the Wild Multiplier.
  • Split Wild Symbols will be counted as + 1 for an additional xNudge Multiplier.
  • When the xNudge Wild Symbol lands, it will begin to nudge upwards – until it is fully visible upon the main reel.
  • Should the xNudge Wild Symbol not be included in the win, it will fold back down and nudge up again for an increased Wild Multiplier, during the following cascade.
  • Wild Multipliers will be summed together in order to render a total Wild Multiplier (value).

xWays & Infectious xWays Symbols

  • The xWays Symbol may appear anywhere except on the top reel.
  • An Infectious xWays Symbol may only appear on the bottom reel.
  • The xWays Symbol will transform into a normal paying symbol.
    • It will reveal 2 – 3 symbols of the same kind and increase the number of win ways.
  • An Infectious xWays Symbol will reveal only 2 symbols.
  • When activated, the revealed xWays Symbol will infect all other symbols of the same type upon the main reel, in order to expand to the same size.
  • Multiple Infectious xWays Symbols will not affect each other.
  • Multiple Infectious xWays Symbols from the same avalanche may only infect a symbol once.

Transform “EM’ Symbol

  • The Transform “EM” Symbol may only appear on the bottom reel positions.
  • This symbol will transform all of the same symbol types, except symbols on the top reel, into a identical symbol kind.
    • For example: it will turn all Character Symbols into an identical Character Symbol type OR all low paying symbols (“J”, “Q”, “K”, “A” and the number 10) into the same low paying symbol kind.
  • Transform “EM” Symbols will also turn into the same symbol.

Grit Girl Symbol

  • The Grit Girl Symbol may only land on reels 1 – 4 on the main reel.
  • The Grit Girl Symbol does not pay as other paying symbols.
    • It pays as soon as it appears on 3 + reels.
      • Grit Girl Symbols on 3 reels render a base payout of x 25.
      • Grit Girl symbols on 4 reels will generate a base payout of x 500.
    • Any wins attached to a Grit Girl Symbol will be summed by the Multiplier associated with the Sticky Wild Symbol on the bottom reel – regardless of whether it is locked into position or not.
    • The Reel Split Feature will not rupture the Grit Girl Symbol, it will double its payout Multiplier, instead.

Torture Spins Feature

  • Scatter Symbols may only land on reels 1 – 4.
  • Landing 3 Scatter Symbols will trigger 8 + Torture Spins.
  • Any Scatter Symbols affected by the Reel Splits Feature will award the player with a + 1 spin (per additional part of the split symbol).
  • Scatter Symbols may only be split via the Reel Split Feature in the identical avalanche that it appears in.
  • Reel Split Features appearing (landing) in impending avalanches will not affect the Scatter Symbol.
  • The active game area will be increased and the previously locked positions (in the main game) will be open for the entire feature.
  • The Sticky Multiplier Wild Symbol that appears in the bottom right corner, will still be locked into position; however, it will come into play for wins via the Grit Girl Symbol play mode.
  • Landing a 4th Scatter Symbol will upgrade the Bonus Round into the Dead Spins Feature, duly adding + 2 spins and + 1 spin for each extra split part of the Scatter Symbol concerned.

Dead Spins Feature

  • Landing 4 Scatter Symbols will trigger 10 + Dead Spins.
  • Any Scatter Symbols affected by the Reel Splits Feature will award the player with a + 1 spin (per extra part of the split symbol).
  • The active gaming area will be increased and all previously locked positions (in the main game) will be opened for the entire feature, including the Sticky Wild Symbol that is attached to a Multiplier (in the bottom right corner).


  • The maximum payout of the game is 20 220 x the base bet.
  • Once the total win exceeds this amount the game round will end (and 20 220 x the base bet will be awarded to the player).

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