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The Faces of Freya Online Slot

There is one law in this kingdom and that is not to define Freya! This is a game bursting with one of the wonders of Norse mythology. Quitting is not an option this side as Freya, the Goddess of love, beauty, gold and war, stands in YOUR favour today. The Faces of Freya is an online video slots game that is brought to you by Play’n GO and is played on 5 reels, with 20 paylines. If you are scouring the market for a genuine online Canadian slots game, we now have you shielded and equipped for golden rewards.


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Slot Details

You may have coyly glanced at one of the Faces of Freya, but to break the ice, you must place your bet to get those reels spinning. Spectators are encouraged to opt for the Autoplay Function to take in Freya’s beauty at their ease. For those who prefer to snatch their well-deserved gold at a faster pace, simply select the Turbo Spin Function to feed that  adrenaline.

Should the game round be disrupted, all information and placed bets will be stored until the game is re-opened (the unfinished game may be continued from the point of interruption). Unresolved bets placed and remaining undecided upon (in incomplete games) will become void after 90 days. Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Payline wins will occur on a number of selected paylines, in accordance to the information that is displayed in the Paytable and the Game Rules. When winning on multiple paylines in a single game round, all winnings will be summed together.

All gains from features such as Free Spins, Bonus Games and Scatter Wins will be added to the payline procurements. All winning combinations will be paid out at the end of a game round. Free Spin Features will be played with the identical bet and number of selected lines as the game round that triggered the mode – unless otherwise stated. The bet may not be changed during a current game.

Free Spins Feature

To trigger the SPINS OF SORCERY, LOVE or WAR (with 6 initial FREE SPINS) the gamer is to obtain 3 SCATTER Symbols. FREE SPINS will play out with a single feature added, whilst each SCATTER Symbol will add a +1 FREE SPIN to the total.

SPIN OF SORCERY, LOVE or WAR may be triggered when 2 SCATTER Symbols land upon the reels, holding gamer benefits as follows:

  • SORCERY – the following symbols will be randomly selected: shield & axe, wild boar, large cats or the orc (necklace) and upgraded (in accordance to election);
  • LOVE – 2, 3, 4 or 5 WILD Symbols will enjoy random addition to the grid (1 per reel); and
  • WAR – randomly selected Multipliers (X 2, X 3, X 5, X 10 or X 20) will be applied to all wins.

To trigger the ultimate Free Spins Feature (FOLKVANG) the player is to obtain 4 or 5 SCATTER Symbols. This mode boasts 4 different levels, in a fixed sequence (one after the other), encompassing a total of 18 or 19 FREE SPINS.


  • The progression of SORCERY, LOVE and WAR will be transferred into the grand finale of FOLKVANG.
  • SORCERY, LOVE and WAR awards the player with 5 FREE SPINS each and the FINALE awards the payer with 3 or 4 more. 4 SCATTERS = 3 FREE SPINS and 5 SCATTERS = 4 FREE SPINS.

Sorcery: 1st Level of Folkvang

The shield and axe symbols will upgrade to wild boar symbols at the start. More symbols will be upgraded with SCATTER Symbols. 3 SCATTER Symbols will enhance the upgrade to wild boar symbols. 5 SCATTER Symbols will extend the upgrade to large cat symbols.

Love: 2nd level of Folkvang

The number of randomly added WILD Symbols will start at 2 units and build up progressively to 5 units. The number of WILD Symbols will upgrade with SCATTER Symbols – 3 SCATTER Symbols will raise it to 3, 5 SCATTER Symbols will raise it to 4 and 7 SCATTER Symbols will raise it to 5.

War: 3rd level of Folkvang

The Win Multiplier starts at X 2 and builds up to X 20. The Win Multiplier will upgrade with SCATTER Symbols – 3 SCATTER Symbols will upgrade it to X 3, 5 SCATTER Symbols will upgrade it to X 5, 7 SCATTER Symbols upgrade it to X 10 and 9 SCATTER Symbols will upgrade it to X 20.

Finale: 4TH Level of Folkvang

All features will be combined with the progression achieved during SORCERY, LOVE and WAR. Symbols will be upgraded and random WILD Symbols will be added to the reels, while the Win Multiplier will be applied to all gains. SCATTER Symbols will not be present on the reels.

Enjoy playing the Faces of Freya slots game, proudly hosted by Jonny Jackpot Casino.

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