Sisters of the Sun Review

Travel back to the glorious days of ancient Egypt where the Sun God Ra bestowed magical powers upon the goddesses Sekhmet, Hathor and Bastet. You need look no further than this sisterhood for the enchanted features that host some glorious player rewards. Sisters of the Sun is a genuine online video slots game that is brought to you by Play’n GO and is played on 5 reels with cluster pays. This game answers to the call of the charmed online gamer who is after aesthetics and authenticity in a Canadian slot. 

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Slot Details

If you agree that you just have to be part of this magic, it is suggested that you place your bet sooner than later, dear gamer. Observers are welcome and are encouraged to opt for the Autoplay Function to appreciate the beauty of this game at ease. The hasty gamer is urged to make use of the Turbo Spin Function.

Should the game round be disrupted, all information and placed bets will be stored until the game is re-opened (the unfinished game may be continued from the point of interruption). Unresolved bets placed and remaining undecided upon (in incomplete games) will become void after 90 days. Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

You may win up to 15 000 x your bet!

Cluster Pays

  • Symbols will drop into a grid to form winning compositions.
  • Wins are to be achieved by amassing 3 or more symbols in a row (horizontally or vertically). All rows and columns are active and symbols may be partial to multiple winning combinations.
    • Winning symbols will be removed, allowing the remaining symbols to cascade down – with the potential of creating new wins.


Wild Symbol

  • The Eye of Ra acts as the Wild Symbol, which may substitute all other symbols except for the Scatter Symbol.
  • Wild Symbols may only be created (and will manifest centrally) when a winning combination of 3 symbols is removed.
  • Wild Symbols will be eliminated when no other symbols remain – in order to entirely clear the grid (of symbols).

Scatter Symbol

The Egyptian scroll represents the Scatter Symbol. The Scatter Symbol may appear during the initial spin, or via the Gift of Ra mechanic – whereby the Scatter Symbol enjoys random ad-hoc addition to the reels, once the spin ends.

Eye of Ra Feature

  • During each spin 5 random grid locations will be marked with the Eye of Ra.
  • The Win Multiplier will increase by 1 decimal in value when the player achieves a win over an eye location (a re-set will take place prior to each new spin, except when the Free Spins Feature is activated).
  • Winning combinations will be multiplied by the current displayed value.
  • The Win Multiplier will only increase once per eye location (that wins develop from).

Goddess Power Feature

The Goddess Power Feature is triggered at random on non-winning spins. A unique ability is performed in order to assist in the creation of a win, which depends upon the active goddess shown on-screen at the time.


Goddess Powers / Attributes


Goddess Sekhmet:

Coverts one set of symbols into an alternate symbol type.

Goddess Hathor:

Adds 1 or 2 Wild Symbols to the grid.

Goddess Bastet:

Removes 2 sets of symbols from the grid.


The game will commence with a randomly selected goddess (with the order of goddesses fixed to: Goddess Sekhmet – Goddess Hathor – Goddess Bastet).

  • The active goddess will transform after the activation of each Goddess Power.

Sisterhood Feature

The Sisterhood Feature will trigger with the appearance of 1 Scatter Symbol:

  • The player will be awarded with 1 free round;
  • The Win Multiplier will be reset; and
  • A Goddess Power will be performed upon each symbol drop that did not accredit towards a winning composition, until all three goddesses have attributed their respective powers.

The order of Goddess Powers is always the same: Goddess Sekhmet (first), Goddess Hathor (second) and Goddess Bastet (third).

Completely clearing the grid of symbols during this free round will only activate the Free Spins and no instant prize will be awarded.

The active goddess will return to the goddess on-screen prior to the commencement of the Sisterhood Feature.

Free Spins Feature

Before the Free Spins Feature begins, one of the three goddesses are chosen:

  • Goddess Sekhmet: awards 4 initial spins;
  • Goddess Hathor: awards 5 initial spins; and
  • Goddess Bastet: awards 8 initial spins.


The Win Multiplier will be carried over from the Sisterhood Feature and will only reset once this feature has culminated.

During the Free Spins Feature the number of the Eye of Ra locations will increase from 5 to 10 and the selected Goddess Power will trigger on every non-winning spin.

The Sisterhood Feature may not be activated.

The Scatter Symbol will be used to award additional spins during this feature:

  • Goddess Sekhmet: awards the player with 4 additional spins;
  • Goddess Hathor: awards the player with 3 additional spins; and
  • Goddess Bastet: awards the player with 2 additional spins.

The maximum number of spins is set at 150.

Instant Cash Prize

Completely clearing the grid of symbols (except during the Sisterhood Feature) will award the gamer with an instant prize.

  • The prize awarded will be 50 x the total bet, summed by the active Win Multiplier (at the time of clearing the grid).

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