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Misery Mining Review

This angry dwarf is on a mission to find the best beer recipe. Blood, toil, tears and sweat will not be spared until the perfect “cold one” is discovered! With up to 5 exciting game features, you cannot help but smile during this slot. Misery Mining is a real online video slots game that is brought to you by Nolimit City and is played on 7 reels, with up to 823 543 Win Ways (27 ways by default). If you are in the Canadian market and are looking for the real deal in online gaming, this is the slot for you.

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Slot Details

To be part of this fascinating and most rewarding journey, you will need to place your bet. Spectators are invited to witness these proceedings by opting for the Autoplay Function. The hastier gamer may engage the Quick Spin Function for a speedier mine shaft performance.

Game Rules

  • Wins will be calculated by multiplying the value of the symbol depicted in the paytable by the number of ways of the winning symbol.
  • A winning combination of the same symbol will pay from the left to the right of the reel.
  • This game is played on a default of 27 Win Ways, with up to 823 543 ways to win.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Collapsing Mine Feature

  • A 7 x 7 grid gaming area, starting with a central 3 x 3 gridded zone will be opened, whilst the remaining range will be blocked off (by barriers).
  • Exploding xBomb Symbols appearing next to a barrier will ensure that the barrier concerned is moved by 1 step, duly increasing the play area.
  • An Exploding xBomb Symbol appearing in a center position will guarantee the player with the expansion of all barriers – by 1 step.
  • A new collapse may be triggered by the following events:


  • A winning combination; or
  • A xBomb Symbol explosion during the event of no win.


  • Winning symbols will pay out and be removed prior to the activation of the next collapse (all symbols will fall downwards, duly leaving empty positions for new symbols to drop into the frame – from above).


XBomb Wild Multiplier Feature

  • A xBomb Symbol may substitute all other symbols except for the Scatter and Super Scatter Symbols.
  • An exploding xBomb Symbol will remove adjacent symbols, barring the Scatter, Super Scatter and any other xBomb Symbols, duly increasing the Win Multiplier (by x 1) for the next collapse.
    • Any adjacent barriers will move 1 step away from the xBomb Symbol.
    • Should the xBomb Symbol alight in a center position, it will guarantee the player with the expansion of all barriers – by 1 step (up to a maximum reel arena grid of 7 x 7).
  • All xBomb Symbols will explode before the next collapse.
  • A xBomb Wild Symbol will explode when there is a win, regardless of whether it is partial to a winning sequence or not (it will also explode and trigger a new collapse, in the event that no win is evident).

Misery Free Spins Feature

  • This feature may be triggered by amassing either 3 Scatter Symbols or 1 or 2 Super Scatter Symbols, which will initially open a playing area of either a 3 x 3, a 4 x 4 or a 5 x 5 grid.
  • The player will be presented with the choice of two modes (Mouse Mode or Rat Mode).
    • During the Mouse Mode, the feature will kick off with 8, 10 or 12 spins, respectively. A Super Scatter Symbol may be triggered should less than 2 Super Scatter Symbols be active (duly awarding the player with an additional + 2 Free Spins).
    • During the Rat Mode, the feature will kick off with 3 spins. Activating a Coin Wagon or a Super Scatter Symbol will reset the amount of spins to 3 rotations. All values are times the active bet.
  • The top row will reveal Reel Enhancers for each spin, such as:
    • Coin Wagons;
    • Multipliers;
    • Bombs;
    • Super Scatter Symbols;
    • Moneybags;
    • Chests;
    • Rats; or
      • A Reel Enhancer will be activated when a Scatter or Super Scatter Symbol lands on the reel below the reel enhancing icon, EXCEPT in the area below the Rat.
      • Super Scatter Symbols are attached to Multipliers that affect all enhancing icons that are activated by this symbol.
      • Reel Enhancers may be activated numerous times in a single spin, by landing several Scatter Symbols on the same reel.



Reel Enhancer

Characteristics / Behavior

Coin Wagons

·      Once activated, the value of the Coin Wagon will be added to any Side Collector closest to it, duly updating the total win, as well as the total value on the Scatter Symbol.

·      The Coin Wagon will reset the number of spins left to 3 rotations during the Rat Mode.


·      Activating a Multiplier over a Super Scatter Symbol will increase the associated Multiplier (of the Super Scatter Symbol) for the remainder of the Bonus Game.

·      Multipliers will sum any values collected by the Reel Enhancers that are activated by a Scatter Symbol.


·      Once triggered, the Bomb will drop down towards the activating Scatter Symbol, duly opening up the surrounding area by 8 positions.

·      Should the Bomb be activated from a center site, it will explode all positions, barring the Side and Bottom Collectors:

–       Blocked positions in the reel area will be blown up; and

–       Side and Bottom Collectors will be activated.


·      On corresponding rows, all values held by Scatter Symbols, along with any values arising from any open Side Collectors (closest to the enhancer) will be collected.

·      The total win with the collected value will also be updated, which will be added to the value of the Scatter Symbol that activated the enhancer.


·      Collects all values held by Scatter Symbols in the reel area, along with any values arising from any open Side Collectors (within a distance of 3 reels) and updates the total win.


·      The Dwarf will stick on the lowest triggering Scatter Symbol (which can no longer activate  other enhancers, except Coin Wagons). Should the Dwarf be stuck on a Super Scatter Symbol, it will also collect the associated Multipliers.

·      It collects all values in the reel area, along with the values from any open Side Collectors (within a distance of 3 reels) for current and remaining spins.


·      The Rat only appears on Enhancer Reels 1 and 7.

·      When the Rat lands it will walk down, over the Collectors on the same reel, duly adding all the values it passes to an unopened Collector (duly  opening it). Should all Collectors be open, it will always go to the Bottom Collector.

Super Scatter Symbols

·      Only appears on Enhancer Reels 2 and 6.

·      Once activated, it will jump to a random position in the active reel area.

·      In Mouse Mode it will add +2 Free Spins.

·      In Rat Mode it will reset the number of spins to 3 rotations.




Collector Type

Characteristics / Behavior

Side Collector

·      The Side Collector may be activated by the Bomb and the Rat.

·      Once a Side Collector is initiated it may interact with other feature modes such as the Dwarf, the Bag and the Chest.

·      When inactive, the Side Collector may only interact with the Coin Wagon.

·      When the Side Collector is activated, the value from every spin will be added to the total win.

Bottom Collector

·      The Bottom Collector may be activated by the Bomb, or on reels 1 and 7, by the Rat.

·      Once a Bottom Collector is initiated, it will collect all the values held by the Scatter Symbols and / or the Side Collector on the same reel for each spin.

·      When the Bottom Collector is activated, the value from every spin will be added to the total win.


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