Legend of the Ice Dragon Review

Are YOU able to tame this legendary creature known as the ice dragon? This ancient beast casts a shadow throughout the land, leaving nothing but icy destruction in its wake. Few have borne witness to this brute and even less know about the treasure that it protects. Legend of the Ice Dragon is a real online video slots game that is brought to you by Play’n GO and is played on 5 reels, with cluster paylines. If it’s an authentic online Canadian slots game that you are intent on playing, this may very well be the challenge for you!

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Slot Details

To reap the benefits on this heroic adventure you need to place your bet, dear gamer. Spectators are welcome to enjoy the proceedings by opting for the Autoplay Function. The faster paced gamer is encouraged to make use of the Turbo Spin Function.

Game Rules

  • Should the game round be disrupted, all information and placed bets will be stored until the game is re-opened (the unfinished game may be continued from the point of interruption).
  • Unresolved bets placed and remaining undecided upon (in incomplete games) will become void after 90 days.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Cluster Rules

  • Wins will be achieved by amassing 5 or more applicable symbols in cluster format.
  • The winning symbols will then be removed, allowing fresh symbols to fill the grid.

Cascades will continue until all wins are exhausted.

Wild Symbols

  • WILD Symbols will create an ICE FRAME when they land on the grid – at the end of each cascade.
  • When a WILD Symbol lands upon an existing ICE FRAME, it will add the value of x 1 (up to a maximum of x 8) to the associated MULTIPLIER.
  • ICE FRAMES will remain in position upon the grid during the current round only (they are removed thereafter).

Freezing Features

The Freezing Features are triggered by chance on non-winning game rounds.




Hailstorm Feature

1 Symbol type will be randomly selected:

·       3 Of the chosen symbols will have 5 casual symbols that are adjacently displayed to them (plus the chosen symbol itself) either transformed into WILD Symbols or destroyed (1 to 3 WILD Symbols per cluster, may be revealed – 3 to 9 WILD Symbols in totality).

Avalanche Feature

2 Symbol types will be randomly selected:

·       All instances of these symbols on the grid will be removed; and

–       3 To 7 WILD Symbols will appear in those vacant positions.

Blizzard Feature

7 Symbols on the pattern will be selected:

–       Most of these symbols will be destroyed and certain others will transmute into WILD Symbols (to a maximum of 5 WILD Symbols).


Ice Crystal Charger

The ICE CRYSTAL CHARGER is to be powered by winning symbols in order to be activated.




Tail Lash Feature

·       Will be triggered by 20 charges; and

·       Turns all high paying symbols into one (high paying) symbol type.

Ice Scorch Feature

–       Will be triggered by 40 charges;

–       Transforms 3 to 6 random symbols into WILD Symbols; and


Destruction Feature

–       Will be triggered by 60 charges; and

–       Removes all low paying symbols on the grid.

Dragon Blast Feature

–       Will be triggered by 80 charges;

–       Turns all the symbols with ICE FRAMES on the grid into WILD Symbols; and

–       Activates all ICE FRAME MULTIPLIERS!


  • Every additional 10 charges after 80 will over power the meter, duly adding an additional 2 ICE FRAMES.
  • Further charges do not have an effect after activation.
  • For each winning cluster, the highest win MULTIPLIER will be utilized.


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