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Gigantoonz Review

Those adorable little Toonz are enhanced and are now back upon the reels! You may have thought that the Reactoonz indaba had come to an end … we must advise you dear gamer, that it has only just begun. There is something greater than Dr Toonz and his creations and it is out-of-this-world. Gigantoonz is a real online video slots game that is brought to you by Play’n GO and is played on a set of 8 x 8 reels, with cluster payline ways. If you are currently in the online Canadian gaming market, looking for a genuine slot, Gigantoonz has you covered.

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Slot Details

The only prerequisite to joining Dr Toonz in this adventure, is that you place your bet. The spectator may take this game in at ease by selecting the autoplay (function). The faster paced gamer is advised to rush for the turbo spin (function).  

You stand the chance of winning up to 4 000 x your bet.

Game Rules

  • Should the game round be disrupted, all information and placed bets will be stored until the game is re-opened (the unfinished game may be continued from the point of interruption).
  • Unresolved bets placed and remaining undecided upon (in incomplete games) will become void after 90 days.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Clusters / Cascades

  • Wins may be achieved by amassing 6 or more symbols in a cluster.
    • Winning symbols will then be removed, allowing new symbols to fill up the grid.
    • Cascades will continue until all winning sequences are exhausted.

Quantum Wild Symbol

  • The quantum ball represents the Quantum Wild Symbol.
  • On any non-winning round, 5 – 10 Quantum Wild Symbols may be randomly added to the reels.
  • Gargantoonz Wild Symbols may only appear through the Quantumeter.
  • Wild Symbols may substitute all other symbols!

Quantumeter Feature

  • Each winning symbol will contribute 1 charge towards the QUANTUMETER; however, Mega Symbols will add their cluster values.
  • The QUANTUMETER is composed of 4 charge levels and holds up to 100 charges:
  • 25 Charges = DISINTEGRATION;
  • 50 Charges = METAMORPHOSIS;
  • 75 Charges = RADIATION; and
  • 100 Charges = GARGANTOONZ!
  • Once all cascades are exhausted, the next charge feature (in line) will be activated.
  • The QUANTUMETER will be inactive during rounds that are expended of any features.










·      Removes all instances of 4 randomly selected symbols.



·      Casually transforms all instances of 1 symbol type into different symbols – this is inclusive of Mega Symbols.



·      Randomly adds 1 – 4 Mega Symbols; and

·      2 – 5 Quantum Wild Symbols.



Plays out in two steps (one-by-one after the conclusion of all wins).

·      Firstly, all Mega Symbols will be transformed into Mega GARGANTOONZ Symbols.

ü  At least 3 Mega GARGANTOONZ Symbols will appear, regardless if these symbols are already present.

ü  Additionally, 2 – 4 GARGANTOONZ (1 x 1) Symbols will emerge.

o   Mega GARGANTOONZ Symbols are not removed with wins.

·      Secondly, the Mega GARGANTOONZ Symbols will break down into GARGANTOONZ (1 x 1) Symbols, which are usually removed.

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