Cleopatra’s Golden Spells Online Slot

Cleopatra’s Golden Spells Online Slot

Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ invites the gamer with a penchant for both Egypt and JACKPOT PRIZES to these reels. Cleopatra looks forward to the honor of your company in her pursuit of uncovering hidden treasure. The Bazillion Cash Feature is beckoning you to make a fortune along with some special spells and an epic Free Spins Feature. Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ is a real money jackpot video slots game that is brought to you by INO GAMES (in collaboration with Microgaming) and is played on 5 reels, with cluster paylines. Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ is the choice of the online Canadian player who is looking for a real money online slots games.

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Slot Details

More About Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ Real Money Online Slots Review

Hold on! To reap these benefits you will need to place your bet, dear gamer. The spectator may enjoy this game at ease by engaging the Autoplay Function. The faster paced player is well catered for and may opt for the Quick Spin Function for a grand experience.

Make an attempt with this game! You may win up to 250 x your bet in Jackpot Prizes & 6 300 x your bet in Cash Prizes!

Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ Game Rules

  • The objective of this game is to spin the reels, allowing the symbols to land in different sequences.
  • Winning combinations will be highlighted on the reels prior to payout.
  • Symbol locations and values will be saved and restored for each bet level.
  • Each spin played will cost the total bet amount.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ Cluster Win Rules

  • A cluster consists of matching symbols that land adjacent to each other.
  • A win will be awarded when a cluster of 3 or more adjacent matching symbols are collected either horizontally or vertically.
  • Symbols may participate in multiple winning compositions.

Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ Wild Symbols

  • Wild Symbols may substitute any other symbol (to complete winning combinations) barring the Cash, Free Spins, Cleopatra and Multiplier Symbols.
  • Wild Symbols are able to create their own winning sequences.

Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ Bazillion Cash Feature

  • The golden and blue cash icons are to be identified as Cash Symbols.
  • Amassing a Golden or Blue Cash Symbol will trigger the Bazillion Cash Feature.
  • The Cash Symbol will move 1 row lower upon each spin.
    • Once a win is fashioned below the Cash Symbol it will drop down in location.
      • The amount of positions dropped is equal to the number of symbols involved in the winning combination.
    • Cash Symbols will display potential CASH PRIZES.
      • The Cash Symbol payout value will comprise of the player’s bet, summed by the Cash Multiplier.
    • The Cash Multipliers are valued at 2 x, 3 x, 5 x, 10 x, 20 x, 30 x, 50 x, 100 x, 200 x and 300 x the bet.
      • Upon each move down the reels the cash value may increase to the succeeding Multiplier value.
      • Upon reaching row 6 the Cash Symbol may either fall into the basket or fall outside of the reel.
      • The Cash Prize will be awarded once the Cash Symbol reaches row 6 AND falls into the basket.
        • The worth of the Cash Prize will be displayed as a cash value on the Cash Symbol – as it reaches row 6 (and falls into the basket).
      • Should the Cash Symbol arrive on row 6 and not fall into the basket, the prize will be forfeited.
    • The Bazillion Cash Feature may be activated during both the base game and the Free Spins.

Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ Feature

  • To initiate the Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ Feature, the player is to amass a Cleopatra Symbol on the top extreme right location on reel 5.
  • The Cleopatra Symbol will remain in position for 3 – 7 spins and will randomly initiate the appearance of Multipliers and / or Golden Cash Symbols.
  • Multipliers and Golden Cash Symbols will move a row lower upon each spin.
    • Once a win is formed below a Multiplier, the symbol will move down the reels.
    • The amount of positions moved is equal to the number of symbols involved in the winning combination.
    • Upon reaching row 6 the Multipliers will fall off the reels.


  • When a Cash Prize falls into the basket, its worth will be summed by the total value of the present Multipliers on the reels – at the time of the spin.
  • The Multipliers’ Prize will be added to the regular Cash Prize value.
  • The Cleopatra Symbol will display the sum of the present Multipliers that are on the reel.
  • Once a Cash Prize is granted and summed, the Multipliers will become inactive and disappear from the reel.


  • Golden Cash Symbols and Multipliers may continue to be triggered for as long as a Cleopatra Symbol remains in position.
  • The Multipliers are valued at 1 x, 2 x, 3 x, 4 x and 5 x the bet.
  • This feature may be activated during both the base game and the Free Spins.

Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ Jackpot Feature

  • The Cleopatra Symbol may randomly trigger the Jackpot Bonus if upon the reels.


  • 12 Tiles will appear during the Jackpot Pick Game.
  • The player is to pick tiles in order to reveal the Jackpot Symbols.
  • Matching 3 Jackpot Symbols will award the gamer with the corresponding JACKPOT.


  • The Mega Jackpot is valued at 250 x the bet.
  • The Major Jackpot is valued at 85 x the bet.
  • The Minor Jackpot is valued at 40 x the bet.
  • The Mini Jackpot is valued at 5 x the bet.


  • This feature may only be activated during the base game.
  • All bets played are identical to that of the spin that initiated this feature.

Cleopatra’s Golden Spells™ Free Spins

  • Free Spins Symbols are Scatter Symbols.
  • Free Spins Symbols do not have a payout.
  • 3 Or more Free Spins Symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will trigger this feature.
  • At the beginning of the Free Spins, a Pyramid of Fortune will randomly assign Free Spins components.
  • The Pyramid of Fortune will draw the initial amount of Cash Symbols, the Multiplier value, the number of baskets and the amount of Free Spins.
    • Up to 12 Free Spins may be rewarded to the player.
    • A Multiplier value may be randomly presented (via the Pyramid of Fortune).
    • A total of up to 4 baskets may be offered to the gamer.
    • Up to x 3 the initial Cash Symbols may be awarded.
  • Free Spins will automatically play out.

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