Technological Trends that have Defined the Casino Industry

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The latest technological developments have made the casino industry more accessible and appealing to the public.

Technological innovation is accelerating at lightning speed, and one of the market segments where this is most obvious, is the casino industry. The technological boom has helped sports betting venues and casinos identify trends, boost player convenience, and heighten the fun factor. 

Here are a few hot casino trends that are enhancing your gambling experience: 

GPS/RFID Benefits

You’re walking past a buffet, and suddenly you hear a ping! Your smartphone lights up with a message inviting you to the casino restaurant. How does this occur? The answer lies in the GPS signals. Global positioning tells the casino you’re near a café, and Wi-Fi and RFID systems guide you to offerings in your vicinity. This is ultimately beneficial since you don’t have to hunt for a place to eat or other amenities because it’s all there on your mobile phone.

Paying With Ticket Vouchers

Instead of traditional payment methods, casinos are migrating to ticket vouchers. Ticket vouchers are already standard at the video poker and slot machines in many casinos, so you have likely already experienced these if you’re a Sin City regular. The new payment method is preferred by most gamblers, as it allows them to carry less cash in their pockets, which helps deter pickpockets and scammers.

The system works by distributing the winnings on a voucher after each game. These vouchers can be cashed out when you head home, used in on-premises restaurants or shops, or to play more games. Cashless casinos are an upcoming trend since a growing number are moving away from cash transactions.

Technologically Advanced Compliance

Today, players can feel safer than ever before, thanks to the new compliance technologies. Bill validators, printers with thermal technology, and intelligent cash boxes are a few recently introduced innovations. Many of these are geared towards combating money laundering and boosting casino security. Other techs allow users to download the casino software onto their devices for interactive play.

Solutions provided by companies provide advantages, such as connectivity with customers, accountability, and increased security that is so important for casinos in a growingly digitalised world. A modern ticket scanner reads more than 9,5 million data points on every slip. That means there is no room for error. For you as a player, this means that if you win, high-tech compliance ensures that you go home with your winnings.

MPLS Layer of Security

Multilabel switching (MPLS) is used by big companies that must send large amounts of data quickly and across long distances. Networks of this type vary in speed, but they all have one thing in common. They send information between routers using the shortest and quickest method possible. Casinos move around large sums of money, so using the MPLS system works in their favour.

Vegas has one of the most advanced high-speed, wide-area networking systems on the continent. Nothing is worse than a player demanding their take and a casino scrambling through paperwork or a slow network to make it happen. Fortunately, this is a rarity since casinos possess all the technical control, speed, and reliability they need.

Encryption Safeguards Money

Whether you gamble online, in Las Vegas, or somewhere else, one of the main issues that casinos face today is the secure transport of funds and information over electronic pathways. To accomplish this feat, operators make use of heavy-duty encryption. Encryption that is strong enough is designed with a key that is 128 bits long or longer.

The idea is that it would take password crackers and data thieves too much time to hack the system. However, the bit requirement continually keeps escalating because, as hackers get savvier, the encoding key must become longer. But, odds are, you are safe since most gambling venues use the same encryption tools government agencies use.

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