Accessing Your Favourite Casino Games via Mobile Online Casino App

Published: 19 March 2020

Written by: BryanL

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The rapid growth of the online casino industry in Canada and the higher expectation of convenience by players, has led the gambling industry to diversify the way it presents its services, by introducing mobile online casino apps and compatibility for its websites. 

But this was not always the case.  When the first online casinos opened their doors in the 1990s, the standard platform for accessing their services was a desktop PC web browser.  However, with the growth of mobile devices, especially tablets and mobile phones, it became quickly apparent that the players want a bit more than just access from a fixed computer at home. 

Responsive Sites vs Online Casino Apps

Today, almost all online casinos for mobile develop responsive sites that are browser-based and are functional across all mobile devices.  These responsive sites do not require any preinstalled software and can be accessed by simply logging onto the casino’s URL.  Additionally, a few online casinos also invest in the development of dedicated casino apps that their players can download onto their mobile devices.       

The two operating modes are not that different from one another, irrespective of what a casino’s preferred method might be.  Canadian online casino players can choose which of the two methods they prefer, for those casinos that offer an app, in addition to regular browser access.  Usually, there’s no difference to what you can access via either, be it online slots or casino table games.

Benefits of Accessing an Online Casino on Mobile Devices

When mobile-friendly casino access was first developed, it offered very basic gameplay that lacked the complexity of playing via a PC.  Even the first online casino apps left much to be desired, offering just a handful of options that were available on the website.

Fortunately, recent technological advancements have meant that both mobile browsers and mobile apps offer the same level of sophistication as desktop gameplay.  The only downswing might be the relatively smaller size of the display, although the ability to take your favourite online casino game wherever you go overshadows this potential concern.  

Contemporary casino apps offer not only the corresponding visual aspects of a casino site accessed via a desktop but come with matching features, special effects and bonuses.  Additionally, logon details remain the same, guaranteeing interchangeability between fixed and mobile devices at any time.   

Online Casino Apps vs Internet Browser Access

Accessing your favourite online casino games while using a mobile phone or other mobile devices, can be done via either a casino app or the internet browser on your mobile device.  The main difference between the two is that the casinos that are solely accessible through a browser are built in HTML5, which gives them the flexibility to work across various devices and operating systems.  On the other hand, online casino apps are designed to work with a single operating system, such as Android or iOS.

Since developing an online casino app is complex and requires an investment of time, money and specialised support, the number of online casinos that offer apps is relatively small.  With regards to the availability of the apps and where to find them, iOS apps for iPhones and iPads can be found in the device’s App Store, along with all the other downloadable apps. 

On the other hand, Google Play Store is relatively fresh to the world of online casino apps, resulting in far fewer Android apps available for download.  As a result, many Android-based online casino apps may need to be downloaded straight off the online casino website, should they be missing in the Google Play Store search.  

Exciting Online Casino App Features for Mobile Users 

With the advent of mobile device gambling, many existing players have migrated from their traditional desktop platforms to the more flexible domain of mobile online casinos.  However, to live up to a first-class online casino experience every time, both iOS and Android based casino apps need to comply with a few essential criteria:

Assorted Platform Compatibility

The top online casino apps should be designed to be fully compatible with all the major devices.  These include desktops, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.  In today’s day and age where time is a diminishing resource, a player should have an option to commence a game on his mobile phone, move to his laptop and finish it off on his desktop when he is back home.

Optimised Technology

Most advanced mobile casino apps should be configured to provide the best possible gaming experience and specifically optimised for a small screen.  The hassle-free registration process and easy game access are a must.  Another crucial feature is touchscreen compatibility across multiple operating systems.

Easy-to-Use Interface

An easy to navigate casino app interface is vital so that the players can quickly access the games that they like without having to search around.  Additionally, integration with social media platforms should be allowed, so that players can compete against other players live.

Highest Level of Confidentiality and Security

All the players expect that the confidentiality of their banking and personal details is kept safe at all times, once inputted into the app.  In response, the best apps have a complex system of encryptions and software security, ensuring that all personal data is not accessible to anyone besides the casino itself. 

Growing Popularity of Mobile Casino Apps

As online casinos become more and more accessible via various e-channels, Canadian players are increasingly making use of casino apps on their mobile devices.  The result is a convenient and easy online gambling experience for all.  Additional to a unique online gaming experience, the top online casino apps offer their players a full selection of casino games, like slots and table games, to enjoy.  Some casinos even offer exclusive bonuses to their players when they register via their mobile devices.  Also, attractive mobile casino no-deposit bonuses are offered by all trusted sites, such as LeoVegas and Jackpot City.