Best Strategies to Follow when Chatting Up Girls in Casinos

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Chatting up girls is often seen as a daunting task to most hot-blooded males and doing the wooing in a casino often makes things even more complicated.

Guys will be guys, and the sight of a good-looking lady always piques their interest. However, chatting up girls in casinos can be a tricky undertaking, especially in more fancy establishments like the world’s most exclusive casinos.   

The ladies that frequent these places often look for men with fatter wallets. However, this shouldn’t dishearten you since even an average Joe can get lucky.

Here are some of the top strategies to chatting up girls in casinos:

Presentation is Crucial

Although you won’t need a million-dollar suit, sticking to a dress code is sure to go a long way. For instance, if you’re wearing a fitted suit that’s pressed with complementary apparel, then you’re more likely to be noticed as a guy who looks after himself.

This gives you the chance to rub shoulders with other big shots at the casino. An easy way to add some style and sophistication to your outfit is by purchasing a mid-price range watch.

It Boils Down to Confidence

When it comes to picking up ladies, confidence is vital. Women like confident men. And they love a man who is self-assured enough to talk to them. Therefore, confidence is a crucial part of your pickup routine. Evaluate how your clothes suit you and select the items you are 100 per cent comfortable in. Fretting about your clothes on the day isn’t going to do you any good.

Equally, when approaching a girl, ensure you know what you’re talking about. Don’t go into a whole spiel about quantum mechanics or politics because you think it would impress her, because it usually won’t. You’ll just end up looking like a reject who has no clue what he’s talking about. So, make sure you choose engaging topics so that the two of you can quickly develop a rapport and exchange valuable insights.

No One likes a Desperate Person

If you seem desperate, your chances of chatting up someone become minimal. Women can smell desperation, and they tend to run away from it. So, approach a girl naturally and don’t stalk her around the casino floor or emerge out of nowhere to confess your undying love. You need to always act naturally!

Play on a slot machine next to her for a while, but if she leaves, let her go. Don’t ever be that creep who follows ladies around until they alert the security, which gets you kicked out or arrested. Once you’ve played a few games and worked up the courage, make your move.

Alcohol, or not?

Alternatively, there’s always Dutch courage. Alcohol can be the best or the worst wingman. If you know your limits and can predict how each drink will affect what you say, then this may be a worthwhile option for you. Alcohol acts as an inhibitor that numbs the feelings of fear or awkwardness you might typically feel when talking to a girl.

However, alcohol may also have an adverse effect and make you appear like someone who can’t hold his drink. As a result, no girl would want to speak to you, and you would almost certainly be escorted out of the casino or “politely” led back to your hotel room.

Don’t be an Eager Beaver

So, it’s the end of the evening. You’ve met a girl, talked for a few hours, and you both seem to hit it off. So, it’s guaranteed you’re both leaving together, right? Wrong. Just because a lady seems to like you doesn’t give you the right to take her back to your room. Instead, approach the subject lightly. Maybe ask where she stays and offer to walk her back home or get her a taxi.

So, here’s a summary of the best strategies for chatting up girls in casinos: dress to impress, be natural, don’t be a creep, and act like you don’t want anything in particular. With all of these boxes ticked off, the sky is the limit!