Appropriate Etiquette with Casino Dealers and Things They Despise

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Casino dealers are there to make your gambling experience pleasant and memorable, but there’re some behavioural lines that are not to be crossed.

If you are a regular gambler, you know the pivotal role that casino dealers play in a casino.  But have you ever considered how your behaviour affects the dealers? 

Here are some of the common pet peeves of casino dealers that you should avoid if you wish to have a pleasant experience at the tables:

Risking More Money than You Should

No dealer likes to see someone burn the last of their rent money, then get livid because they lost it. Dealers also don’t want to watch a player go back and forth to the ATM while complaining that they can’t afford to withdraw any further money.

Dealers don’t like to deal with loss-chasers because this type of play leaves people upset when they lose their last penny and take their rage and frustration out on the dealer. This type of behaviour is a guaranteed way to upset a dealer, the other dealers on the floor, and get you banned from the casino.

Thinking You’ll Win All Games

Casinos are not in the business of giving money away. Instead, they want to entertain you while taking your money. You will not make a dealer happy if you come to the table expecting that you will strike it rich on the first hand.

Savvy gamers are confident in their playing skills but are also humble. They know that if you triumph in more hands than those you lose, it’s because you are a skilled player. Never walk up to a table with stars in your eyes, unprepared and unpractised, and expect to win.

The Drinking Norms

The main rule is not to ever pay for your drinks. If you do, the dealer will pick up that you’re a novice. Generally, dealers prefer players who have a few hands under their belt so that they don’t have to end up teaching them how to play.

Dealers are allowed to make suggestions, such as “I believe it’s your turn to ante”, but that is all they are permitted. They have other gamblers to get to. The only other reason you would pay for your cocktails while gambling is if you’re trying to show that you’re a big shot who is throwing their money around, and dealers don’t like show-offs.

With regards to the drinking etiquette, don’t ever spill your drink on the gaming table. It demonstrates you are an ignoramus since nearly all tables have built-in drink holders to prevent spillages. If you spill your drink on a table, the dealer would be forced to terminate that particular game, close the table, and request that everyone at your table move to a new one.  If you are a gambler who believes in streaks, you will not be thrilled to move, just like a dealer won’t enjoy picking up their entire game and moving it to a new table.

The Importance of Tipping

Don’t forget to tip your waitron who brought you drinks the entire night. Remember, waitrons make next to nothing in hourly wages. The dealers and waitrons are often friends, so if you behave like a cheapskate, the dealer won’t look at you favourably. Additionally, don’t forget to tip your dealer too.

It is expected that the dealer would receive tips during gameplay. Dealers at most casinos often pool their tips together and then split them evenly. It is customary to throw in a chip or two for them now and then. So, don’t forget this, because again, the expectation is that courtesy gets paid to the dealer unless you wish to look like a scrooge.

Additional Table Rules

  • Do not take photos of dealers. They don’t appreciate that, and it contravenes casino security regulations.
  • Don’t celebrate your win when everyone else is losing. It is untactful and results in the dealer and the rest of the table actively disliking you. Of course, you can take a few seconds to be happy, but then move on.
  • Do not take your chips before everyone when these are paid out. Dealers are trained to pay the table locations in turn. If you try to snatch your haul, you’re seen as a poor player and possibly, a cheater, which won’t score you any sympathies amongst the dealers.
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