The Etiquette of Tipping Employees at Casinos

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There are hundreds of people that contribute to making our every trip to a casino as pleasurable as possible.  In return, tipping casino employees that have provided you with exceptional service is seen as good etiquette.   

On your last visit to your favourite casino resort, you probably didn’t make a note of each and every person that has, to a greater or lesser extent, made your trip pleasant.  From bellboys to concierges, cleaners, croupiers, receptionists, bartenders and valets, each one of these often goes out of their way to ensure that they provide you with top-notch service and make your visit enjoyable and memorable.

It is a known fact that many of these hardworking individuals earn minimal salaries and that their real earnings often rely on the goodwill of players like you and me.  This fact, and the exceptional level of service that you receive, should be your guiding hand when reaching for the wallet to tip.

Here are some casino roles that you might encounter and guidelines on tipping:

Slot Attendants

Slot attendants are an essential link in the casino mechanism.  For any winning over a certain amount, the slot attendant needs to collect your tax information and your identification, take this to the cage and come back with your winnings.  While this might be seen as an inconvenience, the slot attendants are responsible for ensuring that you are who you claim to be and that you receive your winnings correctly.

When it comes to tipping a slot attendant, there is no fixed rule.  For a larger winning, it is assumed that a 2% – 3% tip is fair, while this can go up to 5% for smaller cash amounts.  Either way, remember to tip just the slot attendant that helped you with your jackpot, and not the entire group of helpers.

Dealers and Croupiers

When it comes to dealers, it is good etiquette to leave a tip for them as you leave the table with a winning.  Alternatively, should you be having a series of great rounds, you can drop a chip in the dealer’s kitty after each round.  Once again, there is no specific amount that should be tipped, although 5% – 10% is seen as appropriate after a sizey win.

Floor Waitrons

If there’s a job that’s under-appreciated at any casino, it must be that of a waitron.  Long shifts of carrying full or empty trays between rows of machines can take its toll.  Yet, these hardworking individuals always do their job with a big smile on their faces.  When it comes to tipping them, 10% is always in order, especially since your order totals will often be smaller sums of money.

Front Desk Staff

It’s hard to miss those ever-grinning people standing tirelessly behind the reception desk in the hotel lobby.  While it’s not a common sight to see receptionists get a tip, be mindful of their service.  A complimentary upgrade from a standard to a deluxe room, or from a parking to a garden view balcony, warrants a little tip of at least CA$10 to show your appreciation.


Housekeepers probably have one of the most demanding jobs, ensuring that your room looks meticulous each time that you return to it.  The problem is that you don’t often get to see the cleaning staff, as they attend to your room when it’s unoccupied.  So, leaving an envelope that’s marked “housekeeping” with a few bucks inside at the end of your stay will undoubtedly make their day.

Room Service

There’s nothing more satisfying after a productive evening on the casino floor than to crash into your hotel bed, switch on the TV and order a hearty meal accompanied by your favourite glass of wine. While most of these orders do have a gratuity fee included in the bill, in those instances when it’s not, do tip your waitron 10% of the meal cost.


There’s nothing more annoying when arriving or leaving a casino resort than having to deal with your luggage.  Luckily, the bellboys are there to assist by expediting your bags to where they need to go.  For their services, a CA$5 will be in order.


The concierge is the person that helps you find something or get something when you are unfamiliar with the local area.  If the concierge can get you linen-dinner reservations you didn’t think were possible, or tickets to a show that you were told was sold out, then, by all means, tip.

With most of us having been at least once on both the giving and the receiving end of a tip, we can appreciate its value.  The rule of the thumb is that whenever you think that you have received exceptional service, give something back in return.  A little recognition goes a long way.

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