4 Worst Casinos to Visit in Atlantic City

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Although the spotlight might always fall on the best, some gambling venues managed to get onto the dubious list of the worst casinos in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City is synonymous with some of the top casinos in the US, only shadowed in size by its big brother in Las Vegas. However, Atlantic City went through a rough patch over the last decade, and several of its gambling venues had to close due to plummeting revenue.

Therefore, casino patrons expected a top-notch service from those casinos that remained in business. Sadly, these expectations were not met on numerous occasions, with issues ranging from lack of complimentary drinks and long queues to more severe matters like unscrupulous dealers and rigged machines.

While all gamblers won’t appreciate each casino on the boardwalk, some Atlantic City venues were decidedly under par regarding client satisfaction. Here are some of the worst casinos in Atlantic City that you should veer clear off or pop in to see if you agree!

1. Bally’s Atlantic City Casino

Yelp Rating: 2,5/5

Bally’s may be a big brand, but it has faced accusations of not being honest with customers. With charges for everything and pathetic customer service, punters on tripadvisor.com have complained about slack dealers, cheating staff, and rude waitrons. Visitors have mentioned problems with broken machines, a lack of floor security, and a shortage of comps.

Other issues include old slot machines, a dreary atmosphere, and dirty facilities. The hotel rooms have been criticised for being dated, with scarce housekeeping, dirty linen, and safes that don’t lock, which led to worries about theft and security.

2. Harrah’s Atlantic City

Yelp Rating: 2,5/5

Harrah’s is another premium casino resort brand. With many people offering high praise for its Las Vegas venue, it might be a surprise that this brand is among the worst-rated casinos in Atlantic City.

Even though this resort has all the contemporary trappings, such as a spa, poolside nightclub, gourmet restaurants, and great views, customers aren’t happy. Not only are there grievances about slow Wi-Fi, filthy rooms, and a lack of security, but there are also punters moaning about unruly partygoers and substandard customer service.

When it comes to problems on the gambling floor, some of the complaints are serious, especially for craps players. Among other issues were uneven table surfaces that could affect a throw, limited open tables, lack of working slots, and unprofessional dealers.

3. Tropicana Atlantic City

Yelp Rating: 2,5/5

According to reviews, it seems the top place among the worst casinos in Atlantic City should go to Tropicana Atlantic City. Not only do the hotel rooms attract ample criticism from discerning travellers, but the gaming floor itself has come under fire too. Although the Tropicana Casino is one of the biggest names on the boardwalk, its hotel fails to deliver on customer expectations.

Punters complain about the lack of a laundry and room service and, in some cases, bed bugs! One of the biggest problems noted is the resort’s push to move away from the traditional gambling crowd and refocus on a youthful 20-something market.

The old-school gamblers have been less than impressed with the move, with rowdy crowds of millennials roaming through the resort and dancing atop tables after partying the night away, now a common sight at the resort.

When it comes to the floor, dissatisfied customers have noted that staff members are generally unavailable to deal with issues such as out-of-service slot machines. Sadly, with many machines not functioning simultaneously, it’s no wonder that punters are venting their concerns. Other issues cited included old machines with outdated games that are potentially rigged, difficulty in redeeming comps, and rude staff.

4. Wild Wild West

Yelp Rating: 3,5/5

A fifth of the visitors to Wild Wild West rated their visit as either poor or terrible on tripadvisor.com. From complaints about public drunkenness to limited machines, this casino has a few problems that need to be addressed. Punters have expressed concerns that staff members are rude, and the celebratory atmosphere has changed. It seems some work is required to make this venue get struck off from the worst casinos in Atlantic City list.

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