Things You Should Know About Casino Hotel Room Service

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The bells and whistles that form part of a casino room service programme are an important determinant of which hotel you will choose to stay at.  

Imagine you’ve been up the entire night gambling at your favourite casino.  It’s almost dawn, and there’s nothing more you that you could wish for than a hot shower, a comfy bed, and some soft tunes playing in the background.  And then there are the food and drinks, which you will need to request from the room service.

While most top-rated hotels that adjoin large casinos come standard with room service, there are some ins and outs that you should be aware of, especially if you plan to get the most bang for your buck.  Here are a few hints on how to eat well in your hotel room:

Things You Shouldn’t Order

Many top casino hotels offer around-the-clock room service, giving you the convenience of ordering a steak and a glass of wine at 2 am. However, be careful when choosing juicy beef cuts via room service. The tight lids of room service trays allow food to keep cooking while it’s being carried up to your room. If you ordered a medium-rare steak, it would most likely be well done by the time you receive it.

Seafood, which may be tasty and delicate in a casino restaurant, is often pungent and overdone with room service. It’s best to select menu items that are not too dependent on the temperature of the food. Great choices for room service orders are club sandwiches, salads, or burgers.

Fried Chicken Rules

If you get a desire for chicken wings, you are not alone. One of the most repeatedly ordered late-night room service snacks is chicken wings. However, chicken wings and other fried chicken pieces need their own set of rules. If you are ordering wings or other pieces of fried chicken, be sure you get them extra-crispy. This will ensure that you are getting chicken that’s been thoroughly cooked. Otherwise, you may be served meat that is half done with a cold, raw middle.

Fill Out the Breakfast Cards

The busiest time of the day for room service is during breakfast. Most casino hotels ask that you fill out a breakfast card should you wish to eat breakfast via room service. The cards allow the restaurants to correctly manage their food stocks and pace themselves accordingly during the morning rush. In addition, if you fill in your breakfast cards, you’ll get your food on time.

Don’t Greet the Waitron in Nude

In some movie scenes, guests are seen greeting the service staff in the nude. However, rest assured that no member of the hotel staff wishes to see you without clothes. The staff, while fine with bathrobes and pyjamas are not okay with nudity. Before you open the door, be sure to be decently dressed. Keep in mind that a hotel can refuse you service if you fail to comply with discretion.

Request Your Tray Removed

The hotel staff are not always keen to interact with your tray after it’s been left in the hallway. Employees have seen other guests eat leftover tray food and leave objects like condoms, paperwork, underwear, and rotten food from days before. As a result, no one wants to pick up those trays.

The best course of action is to call the reception and inform them that you’ve finished eating. The staff will send someone to collect the tray from the room and take it down to the restaurant to dispose of it.

Tip Accordingly

If you win big at the casino tables, tip liberally. Always tip the service staff who bring your food, help you find the best shows in town, and clean your room. However, when it comes to room service tipping, hotels already attach a service charge for in-room service.

Thus, the need to tip your room servers has already been taken care of. So, unless you received the best room service of your life, your tipping ought to be reserved for other service employees.

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