Simple Guide to Setting Up Your Own Online Casino

setting up online casino image
Casino Owner. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Playing your favourite slot games is one thing, but setting up your own online casino requires a bit more grit and know-how. 

If you are a gambling fan, the idea of owning an online casino of your own might have, at some point, crossed your mind.  The industry Is booming, barriers to entry are few, and new competitors are entering the market each day. 

So, what factors should you consider when setting up your own online casino?

1) Software

Choosing the right software is the most critical decision you would make. Start by evaluating what you need. Most provider contracts are long-term, so you’d want to do your homework before making a decision.

Look for software providers that have experience with start-ups. If a provider has experience with successful launches, chances are it’s in the right ballpark. You’d also need a customisable solution that would allow you to be in control during both the design process and the online launch.

Your best bet would probably be a white label solution that would let you lease the entire system with the software, licence, and a payment processing system.  These types of packages would allow you to operate online under an umbrella of a tried-and-tested infrastructure that has already been developed.

2) Website

When setting up your website, you’d need to identify what you exactly wish to include on it. You might offer games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots, bingo, poker, or even sports betting.

Live streaming videos are another option that helps you bring the actual casino into the players’ living rooms. Additional features to consider are exhibiting players’ stats, chatrooms for discussion, whether you wish to offer tournaments, and how you generate gaming bonuses.

3) Licence

Ensure you get a suitable licence that is targeted for the jurisdiction you are in. Regulations vary, so make sure you do some research. There are countries that outright ban gambling and, conversely, those where wagering is completely legal.

Because of the vast variances that exist, you’d have to decide where you will be setting up your online casino and then apply for a licence there. This process can take as little as a few months, but instances where a potential operator waited for over a year are common.

4) Payment Provider

Making an agreement with a payment processing provider can be hard work, to say the least. Your aim is for your visitors to have a hassle-free experience so that they return. Easy transactions that provide multiple options are ideal.

The top providers will be in sync with the local market conditions, offer all-inclusive services, integrate with all major online merchants, come with fraud protection, offer risk mitigation, and support multiple currencies, cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and vouchers.

5) Website Design

When asked what they expect from an online gaming website, most people say the ease of use. You shouldn’t clutter your pages with data-heavy graphics that take time to load and slow the website down. The time taken to load features is the leading factor players consider when determining if your site is user-friendly.

So, get rid of anything that doesn’t add value to the overall gaming experience. Predefined templates exist that can be used to lay out your site. These are available from most software providers.

6) Marketing

Once you’ve reached this point, you are close to fully setting up your own online casino. Now, it’s time to think about driving traffic to your website and retaining the players who visit so that you can maximise profit.

Loyalty or VIP programmes are an excellent tool for rewarding regular players. See what your competitors are doing and model your programme on the functional aspects of these. Observing the competition will also reveal the mistakes you should avoid.

Running an online casino successfully has a lot to do with reputation, so ensure yours is squeaky clean. Only host games that are high quality and from reputable providers. When getting started, it is a good idea to organise a grand opening, similar to what land-based businesses do. Making a big splash would draw everyone’s attention to you. Also, consider using welcome bonuses or free bets for new players.