How to Set Up a White-Label Online Casino Website?

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While we all enjoy the experiences that we derive from visiting online casinos, few of us are aware of the procedures that are required to set up a white-label online gambling website.

With the popularity of online casinos never been higher, it is no surprise that a growing number of gambling entrepreneurs are contemplating setting up their own online casino operations.  What most people are unaware of is that it’s relatively easy to start your own online casino website if you make use of a white-label provider.

Steps to Launching a White-Label Online Gambling Website in 2020

To launch a successful online gambling website, you need to follow a few steps:

1. Choose the best online casino software

To begin with, we suggest that you do some research and shortlist the top white-label casino software providers.  This platform should come in the form of a turnkey solution and provide you with everything that you envisage your online casino should be offering.

It’s easy to source of a provider that only offers a gaming platform.  The choices are endless.  However, your operator needs to provide far more than the basics.  In today’s cutthroat market, additional services such as marketing and client relationship management tools, as well as an affiliate system and fully outsourceable customer support team, are a must.

Several providers currently offer fully integrated online casino solutions.  These include companies such as 888 and SkillOnNet that are renowned for their easy to use configurations, an array of features and a broad selection of casino games.  Some of the leading online casinos that are powered by turnkey casino solutions are Mega Casino, Playjango and PlayOJO.

2. Select the right combination of casino games

Before you analyse the game repertoires on offer, first decide what game content you would want to offer to your future clients.  The onus should be on you to explore what game categories are most popular right now (e.g. slots, poker, roulette, etc.) and the popular game titles within each category.

Also, find out which software developers provide these games, and what are the more recognised names in the industry (e.g. NetEnt and Microgaming).  Once you have complied your desired list of games, double-check with the white-label operators to ensure that they offer these titles.  Remember, should you have any queries, engage the operator directly and let them shed light on any of your concerns.

3. Ensure licensing is in place

Most white-label solutions come standard with necessary gambling licenses that are issued by a reputable online casino licensing authority (e.g. the Malta Gaming Authority).

Nonetheless, before you proceed with any negotiations, ensure that the solution provider offers valid licenses for the jurisdiction within which you plan to operate your online casino.  A lack of a valid license can often prevent you from providing your online casino services legally.

4. Analyse the payment methods offered

The last step that you need to review is the payment methods that are offered by the white-label casino provider.  Ensure that your platform is capable of supporting most major online payment methods, such as bank cards, e-wallets and direct bank transfers.  Also, be aware of the popular payment methods in the country that you wish to serve (e.g. Interac is popular in Canada, while Swedes prefer to use Trustly).

A Fully Functional Online Casino Website

Once you set up an agreement with a respectable white-label online casino operator, it should only take a few weeks before your casino website is operational.  Once the site is up and running, it is up to you to promote it optimally, so that it reaches the widest audience possible.  An important consideration would be to create an easily recognisable branding that will set your online casino apart from the competition.

Remember, the current online casino market is already saturated and trying to penetrate it won’t be a straightforward task.  You will need to work closely with your services provider to develop a solution that is both unique and catchy, and that will offer your potential clients something that they can’t find elsewhere on the web.  Only by providing something original and exceptional will you be able to thrive in this highly competitive industry.

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