NASCAR Wagering: How to Bet and Win

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The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) races have become popular wagering events among gamblers globally.  

If you compare the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) events to Formula 1, most punters would agree that the former offers a better wagering choice. For starters, there is a greater number of races per season. During a Formula 1 season, you can expect 17-19 races, while NASCAR’s Sprint Cup offers 36 and The Nationwide Series has 35.

The more significant number of races ensures more betting opportunities and better competition throughout the year. NASCAR also tends to be more competitive, producing a comprehensive selection of winners and drivers each year. Ultimately this makes the odds higher for all competitors, offering more exciting betting options.  

Things to Know About NASCAR Wagering

Before betting successfully on NASCAR races, you must understand the lead-up to the race and how the days preceding it can affect the event. 


The qualifiers are critical to each race’s outcome. While starting position is significant, it can be relative depending on which track is used. Those with a single racing groove make the positioning crucial because it is very difficult to pass other race cars. A multiple-groove track means that position isn’t as important.

Pit Stall

The pit stall selection is crucial since the driver who wins pole position can pick their choice of the pit stall first. Some pit stalls are more optimal than others, which is critical in determining the winner.

Typically, the team that wins the pole selects the last pit stall because here, they can drive off immediately when a jack is dropped, without a car in front of them, making all the stops quicker.


Analyse the racetrack that is being used before betting on any NASCAR race. This will give you an insight into the importance of the starting position, whether the passing is likely to be easy and if the pit lanes will be wide.


The teams will have several practice sessions each week, with the speeds achieved posted for the public. The practise sessions are broadcast for anyone keen to get more information to form their wager. During the practice sessions, interviews are held with various drivers and crew chiefs who may provide essential information about the racing vehicles.

It is essential to pay close attention to the final practice speeds or happy hour. This is the last opportunity for the teams to dial in their vehicles for the race day and provides the best indication of who will do well.

Secrets to Successful NASCAR Betting

The secret to successful NASCAR wagering is knowing the different betting types and which offer the best odds and chances of winning.

Outright Winner

This is the most common type of NASCAR wagering. Punters pick a driver they think is the likeliest to win and bet on him. The best strategy is to place bets on up to three drivers with different NASCAR betting odds for each race. Like this, if you wager the same amount on each driver, you’ll make a profit if any of them win.

Drive Matchup

A head-to-head matchup bet requires the bettor to decide which two drivers will finish highest. A standard bet typically involves five to six drivers, with the end goal being identical.

This can be a risky bet since sportsbooks usually pit closely matched drivers against one another. The best way to give yourself a chance of success is to choose the one with the highest odds.


Futures bets are generally offered on the future winners of Sprint Cup Championships and Nationwide Series. Depending on the site, futures odds could be posted only a few days after the last season ended or a couple of days before a new season begins.

The disadvantage of futures betting is that it’s a very long-term bet, and it could be almost a year before it pays off. If you’re a serious handicapper, limiting your futures bets to one percent of your bankroll would make sense since the money would be tied up for a long time.

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