Most Extravagant Activities to Pursue in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is known for its excesses, offering ample extravagant experiences that those with deep enough pockets can pursue.

Las Vegas is a city of contrasts.  For those looking for a budget holiday, there are plenty of options.  Locations like the Strip are littered with affordable accommodation, and there are all-you-can-eat buffets and US$0,99 hotdog and beer specials at virtually every corner, as well as free tours and other offers.

However, for those lucky few with deeper pockets, there is an entirely different side of Sin City that oozes with extravagant, high rolling activities.  Here is a list of some of the luxury chart-toppers, should you have an extra dime to spare:

Bellagio Fountain Button

If you’re looking to flatter your loved one with an ultimate romantic gesture, be sure to lodge at the Hyde Bellagio, where your significant other can have the honour of switching on the casino’s famed waterfront patio fountains for US$250,000.

The Bellagio will send a 30-litre bottle of Ace and Spades champagne complete with a gold-plated case to your outside VIP table. Your companion will then be allowed to pick a song of their choice from a list and then press the button to switch over 4,500 lights and 1,200 magical water fountains.

The 777 Burger

There are hundreds of great burger joints in Las Vegas, but none of them live up to the high standard of the Burger Brasserie. This restaurant is home to a highly praised burger made with premium cut Kobe beef, laid out on a bed of mouth-watering Maine lobster and caramelised onions, and sprinkled with a few drops of 100-year-old balsamic vinegar.

This mouth-watering masterpiece of gastronomic art will set you back US$777, although it is accompanied by a bottle of Dom Perignon bubbly to wash everything down in class afterwards. 


Are you looking to take in the Vegas sights with somewhere spectacular to relax afterwards? Be sure to book a helicopter trip over the Valley of Fire State Park for a breath-taking experience that you’ll never forget. For US$3,499, you’ll be taken on a 2-hour trip that incorporates a Silent Savasana yoga class that is only accessible by a helicopter. The magic concludes with a bottle of champagne and a scenic flight over the Las Vegas Strip. 

Royal Facial

Another one for all you “gold diggers” out there! The Spa at the Encore has a wonderful selection of facilities for you and your loved ones to unwind at, but it also offers some of the most over-the-top treatments you’ll ever come across. One of them is the 24kt Gold Facial that was initially intended for royalty.  Any guest with US$420 to spare can get a glowing radiance and feel like a queen. The treatment lasts 80 minutes and nourishes your skin into a satin-smooth finish.

Gold Champagne Cocktail

Be sure to stop at Caesars Palace for a lavish bed cap at the Fizz during your stay in Vegas. The bar has a wide selection of exotic cocktails and drinks.  However, it’s the signature effervescent champagne cocktail that draws in the high rollers and those with refined tastes.

The drink is made with Dom Perignon Rose Champagne, smoothly blended with aged Grand Marnier, along with decorative rose petals and 24kt gold flakes. This ostentatious concoction costs a “mere” US$2,500, so be sure to sip slowly!

Moët Ice Magnum Gun

Head to Drai’s Beachclub at The Cromwell if you want to boogie to the latest hits with fellow beachgoers. If you’re looking for an excessive way to have fun and get smashed, try out a Moët Ice Magnum spray gun. You’ll get two big bottles with two gold-plated machine guns to keep you on your toes. This package costs US$3,000. 


Do you want to create the ultimate blast for you and your friends? If you can put together a group of 15, with each having a grand to spare, you can hire the entire Mandalay Beach and enjoy a sumptuous BBQ feast on the sand. The food is prepared by chef Sean di Cocco, who will provide you with an all-inclusive list of mouth-watering desserts. You’ll also have your very own waitrons, a massage corner, an outdoor movie theatre, cigar hostesses, a VIP bar, and complimentary flip flops on arrival. 

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