Woodbine Entertainment Plans to Host Mohawk Million Again

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Woodbine Entertainment has recently announced that it plans to host another edition of the popular Mohawk Million challenge.

Exciting news is on the horizon for live horseracing fans, as Woodbine Entertainment announced it would, once again, host the Mohawk Million. Canada’s horseracing leader has announced that the race’s second running this year turned out to be a great success and is excited to host the race again at the Woodbine Mohawk Park in 2022.

This year, the Milton racetrack hosted the second instalment of the Mohawk Million, which was won by Venerable.  The CA$1 million race, which took place on 25 September at the Woodbine Mohawk Park, saw Venerable blast past nine other horses and claim the second-highest award for two-year-old fillies.

Impressive Yearly Results

Last Monday, Woodbine Entertainment revealed its plan to host the Mohawk Million race next year for the third time. With crucial yearling sales set to commence soon, Woodbine has informed all breeders and buyers of its intention to host the event again, should all slots be sold.

Woodbine Entertainment CEO, Jim Lawson, stated that the company is delighted with this year’s competition, which raised the bar to new heights. Lawson claimed that Venerable’s win brought the expected excitement when the race was announced. Lawson is furthermore thanking all participants for their continued support of the event.

Lawson noted that it is vital for the horseracing industry to offer such brilliant opportunities as the Mohawk Million. He added that this was one of the reasons why the company announced its plans to host the race again next year.  The announcement precedes the planned upcoming yearling sale so that the participants have the event on the radar before purchasing their next horse.

The second instalment of Mohawk Million saw a substantial increase of placed wagers, which amounted to CA$495,270.  This figure is a significant increase over last year’s amount of CA$327,186. Additionally, the all-source handle for the race is estimated at CA$3,526 million, which is marginally less than last year’s $3.7 million. Woodbine Entertainment will be announcing further updates on its 2022 season stakes over the coming months.

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