Will Casino Rama Be Reopening This August?

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With Ontario about to launch its new economic recovery plan, there are glimmers of hope that Casino Rama will be reopening its doors in August.

Ontario’s economic recovery plan that the provincial government recently announced will see the resumption of business activities amongst several enterprises, including casinos.  Subsequently, the management of Casino Rama has been discussing a possible reopening of the venue in August. However, this will, to a large extent, depend on the speed of the vaccination rollout. 

Casino Rama is owned by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment and is located in Orillia.  The casino has been shut for over a year, with no end in sight to the ongoing pandemic that has been causing industrywide disruptions.

The Reopening Plan

Rob Mitchell, a Gateway Casinos and Entertainment representative, stated that the casino plans to relaunch operations, provided that the government plan reaches stage three. During the third stage, the government has set a target of having at least 70 per cent of the province’s adult population receive one vaccine dose, with another quarter vaccinated with two doses.

Mitchell explained that if the government maintains its current vaccination rates and reaches its vaccination goals, Casino Rama would likely reopen this August. However, he reminded that many uncertainties remain, such as a possible new spike in cases or fresh obstacles during the vaccine rollout process.

Earlier this year, Gateway Casinos was allowed to reopen some of its Ontario venues with a maximum capacity of 50 individuals at a time, during the government’s coloured-tier system. Mitchell clarified that, at the time, the company complied with all the health and safety protocols issued by the authorities, with both staff and guests required to wear protective equipment such as facemasks.

Mitchell stated that it remains unclear whether the company’s casinos in the province will be required to continue implementing the previous strict health and safety measures and to what degree. However, he remains cautiously optimistic that the casino will reopen this August.

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