Why is the Popularity of Online Casinos Skyrocketing in Canada?

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Unless you are an expert gambler, who has charted his professional path by playing poker tournaments, for most of us, gambling is a pastime and an outlet for releasing some steam.  And, leisurely activities are all about convenience and ease, which is why a growing number of Canadian players are staking their bets on the popularity of online casinos.  The ability to enjoy your favourite casino games without ever needing to leave the comfort of your home has resulted in online casinos to become the fastest-growing component of the overall casino industry in Canada.

As it stands, online casinos in Canada are filling the government’s tax coffers and boosting the economy with over CA$30 billion a year.  Global estimates are even rosier, with the net worth of the industry bound to exceed CA$500 billion by the end of 2023.

So, what has contributed to this dynamic growth and why are online casinos becoming the staple favourite of players across the world?  Well, it all boils down to two key factors: flexibility and accessibility.  So, let’s delve deeper and discover how these variables are uplifting the online gambling industry.

Increased Accessibility as a Booster to Popularity of Online Casinos

The expansion of betting through online casinos is a global phenomenon.  The main reason that’s underpinning this is the growing accessibility of internet services globally.  While in its infancy stage, the internet was seen as the domain of the well offs, today many countries view connectivity as an essential service required for the normal functioning of a society.  Subsequently, the monopoly of inhouse casinos was shattered as gamblers now had a choice.  With mobile phone online casino apps, this went even further, with gambling environment becoming any place where you happened to be.

As a result, people in rural areas or places where there simply were no brick and mortar casinos, could finally gain access to real money gambling.  Various online casino affiliate sites now offer listings of the best online casinos in Canada, to make your decision where to gamble as hassle-free as possible.

The Popularity of Online Casinos and Marketing

Affiliate sites are just one of the mediums through which the promotion of online casinos can take place.  Online casinos themselves have been using aggressive marketing methods through broad-based PPC campaigns, to make their offerings more visible to the general public.  Ultimately, an increase in marketing leads to a rise in competition.  And, healthy competition leads to better offers by the casino providers, who are continuously looking at wooing fresh players into their fold.

Also, online casinos do not need to worry about classic overheads associated with in-house casinos.  With a strong player base under their belts, they can redirect surplus funds towards marketing campaigns and value adds for their clients.

Online Casinos and the Mobile Phone Effect

Although marketing plays a crucial role in the promotion and visibility of online casino services, technological advancements, too, have enhanced the accessibility for offsite gambling.  Mobile phones, in particular, have revolutionised the way online gambling operates.  By making their sites compatible with mobile phones or developing mobile-friendly apps, the casinos empowered the average man on the street to carry his casino in his pocket, wherever he went.

According to The Guardian, an average individual will browse through their mobile phones just under 60 times a day, making these devices a fertile ground in which casino operators can embed their services.  Of course, easy access to messaging services has further facilitated word-of-mouth marketing between existing and prospective players.

When trying to understand the growing popularity of online casinos in Canada, many variables need to be factored in.  The overarching consideration is the widespread accessibility to well-priced internet services.  Through these, a broad spectrum of online services has been made available, including online gambling.  If we look at the lifecycle of any product or service, the ones that have endured the longest are those that have innovated and moved with the times.  Online casinos are no exception as they are the latest incarnation of a classic casino, offering all that we seek in our fast-paced lives – accessibly and instantaneous gratification.  And, with all the boxes ticked, the appeal of online casinos is here to stay.

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