Top 7 Eco-Friendly Casinos from Around the World

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Casinos have traditionally been seen as energy devourers, simultaneously pumping out immeasurable amounts of waste into the air and leeching off resources.  However, some casinos have turned a new, greener leaf in an attempt to become more eco-friendly.   

Casinos are notorious for the amount of waste they produce, and the water and electricity they consume to power their operations.  You don’t have to look further than the non-stop illuminated gambling floors, droves of ravenous, buffet-eating tourists and harmful gas emissions that get pumped into the atmosphere to grasp the level of pollution an average casino complex generates.

But, to the relief of all tree-huggers and nature-warriors out there, there exist a handful of casinos that take their carbon footprint very seriously.  Here are seven top gambling houses that you can visit for a truly eco-friendly gambling experience.

1. Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment has invested close to US$70 million in energy conservation.  The casino operator made 162 modifications at all of its properties, including low-flow water controls, energy-efficient lighting, and thermostats in all the guest rooms. The company also revamped its laundry system to reduce the overall water consumption, while each staff member had to undergo training on eco-friendly practices.  Since the modifications, Caesars has reduced its carbon footprint by a fifth and has won multiple accolades and recognitions.

2. Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore)

Resorts World Sentosa is one of the largest resorts in the world and is a pioneer in sustainability.  The amount of energy that the resort has conserved over the past five years is enough to power 40,000 four-room apartments.  By eliminating plastic bottles and straws, the resort reduced its plastic waste by 100 tons last year.  To keep things green, all disposable hotel amenities are made from 100% recyclable materials, while the restaurant food is sourced from producers using sustainable farming methods.

3. Melco Resorts and Entertainment

Melco Resorts and Entertainment is one of the top gambling venue operators in the far east.  Since adopting the Above and Beyond sustainability strategy in 2019, the company has undertaken massive “green” projects.  Over the past year, its resorts have recycled 700 tons of waste, reduced food disposal, moved onto local suppliers to source materials and services, and installed solar panels to generate its own clean electricity.

4. Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas)

Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas has been a clean energy player for some time.  In the latest project, the hotel’s convention centre is expected to be crowned by the most extensive solar panel array in the entire US, spanning 20 acres.  The hotel has installed over a thousand variable speed drives on pumps, compressors and fans, to use less electricity in the heating and cooling systems.  Additionally, its impressive light display made up of over a million bulbs has been replaced with LED globes.

5. Sibaya Casino (Durban)

With the dramatic backdrop of the Indian Ocean as a visual benchmark, Sibaya is South Africa’s most eco-friendly casino.  The casino is all about sustainability, to the point where an on-site wormery acts as a disposal system for kitchen and garden waste.  All employees are encouraged to use various recycling systems found across the property, which has had a significant positive impact on the surrounding environment.

6. The Venetian (Macao)

The Venetian is one of the few hotels in Macao with green recognition, having won the prestigious Macao Green Platinum Award in 2018 for its efforts to reduce overall water, food and electricity wastage.  Additionally, the hotel replaced all of its mattresses with eco-friendly bedding.  The parking area includes bays for electric vehicles, while gas emissions from on-site shuttle busses are closely monitored.  The casino also hosts annual green conferences to discuss its approach to sustainability.

7. MGM Grand (Macao)

MGM Grand is one of the first MGM properties opened in China and has won multiple awards for going green over the past couple of years.  The building was modified to include a green building framework, energy-saving aircon systems, LED lighting throughout the venue, low-flow water controls and fixtures, and enhanced indoor air quality systems.  The casino also hosts various events throughout the year that promote ecosystem biodiversity, creative upcycling, and food waste handling.

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