The Most Unusual and Strange Casino Locations Globally

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There are so many casinos worldwide that no matter where you happen to find yourself, you are likely to locate a gambling house nearby easily.  However, some casino locations are both unusual and unexpected.

There’s an overabundance of casinos peppered globally, and some are huddled at the most unusual locations that you can imagine. From aeroplanes and trains to mountaintops only accessible via cableways, there’s a selection of casinos that have completely gone against the grain when it comes to their location and the gambling experience that they offer.

Desert Cave Hotel

If you’re looking for isolation and tranquillity, a trip into the Australian outback should be on your cards.  Here, miles away from crowds and big cities, you’ll be able to gamble inside a casino that has been carved into the face of a rocky cliff.

The cosy underground casino features 16 poker machines and comes equipped with a bar and a desert-themed shop.  This far-flung venue is located 500 miles from the nearest city, so it really is a matchless experience that promises plenty of peace and quiet in addition to tons of fun.  

Ice Casino Antarctica

Right down at the bottom of the world, there is a small Argentinian settlement, numbering a symbolic population of 60 residents. The Esperanza Base is one of only two civilian settlements in Antarctica, and despite the bitter cold and endless winter, there is a lot more colour in this town than meets the eye.

The community members are highly sociable, and town gatherings are a biweekly occurrence when the weather permits. During blizzards, the adult residents keep themselves busy by playing games at the local miniature casino or working indoors. At the same time, the youngsters go to school or socialise in the community hall.

X Train 

If you’re both a railfan and an avid gambler, then the Las Vegas Railway Express X Train should be your alternative mode of transport when steaming into Sin City. Passengers can place bets on a wide selection of classic casino games as they sip on cocktails in one of the 20 luxurious carriages.

The X Train onboard kitchen offers an exclusive catering service to all travellers and a host of other activities and services for passengers’ enjoyment. There are 12 routes in operation, but more destinations are on the cards, which will link Las Vegas to several other cities.

River Casino

The Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois, is minutes away from the O’Hare International Airport. While it might not look that impressive from the outside, this casino is unique because it was constructed atop a giant puddle!

This peculiar location lies in the fact that casinos in Illinois are only legally permitted to operate on water.  Therefore, all gambling houses operate on riverboats in the state. The owners of Rivers Casino took this law literally when they opened their doors in 2011. Today, the casino operates with over a thousand slot machines and 50 tables. 

Prison Casino

Prisons have always been rampant with illicit gambling. Inmates wager daily as a means of keeping themselves busy. Though prison casinos aren’t the usual kind with a wide selection of games, some offer genuine gambling tables. Here, prisoners can enjoy classic games like poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat, and even sports betting.

Between 1930 and 1960, there existed fully operational casinos at some state prisons before they were all shut down. The irony is that gambling produced a positive change in inmates’ behaviour, and conflict was noticeably reduced — probably because everyone was finally able to settle some debts!

Basement Casino

The North Cadbury Court is situated in Somerset and houses one of the smallest casinos globally, accommodating only 30 people at a time. For £7,500, you can get a two-night stay at the historical manor while making use of its modern facilities.

The casino itself is located in an underground cellar beneath the old manor house. Here, players and revellers can enjoy a night of disco dancing and gambling, with games like blackjack, poker and roulette at their disposal.

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