Ontario Lottery and Gaming to Introduce Hybrid Working Model

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The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has unveiled a new work-from-home business model for its employees.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has recently shared its plans to implement a new working model for its employees. Since certain job roles provide sufficient flexibility, the OLG will implement a hybrid workplace model for its staff from the Roberta Bondar Place and its office in Toronto. The new business model should be officially implemented by January.

Like many other businesses during the pandemic, the OLG allowed its employees to work from home to protect them from COVID-19. With the implementation of the new working model, over 600 employees of the Crown corporation will not be required to report to work physically and instead continue working from the comfort of their homes.

Implementing Flexibility

Tony Bitonti, the OLG director of external communications, said the change of the working model is consistent with other institutions in the province. According to him, staff can remain productive while working from home. Many employees have also expressed their desire for continued flexibility when it comes to working without having to report to the OLG offices physically.

The OLG conducted an employee survey which showed that 90 per cent of staff at the Foster Drive headquarters are willing to work under the suggested hybrid model. The plan is still under deliberation, but it will be formatted in a way that determines how often a particular employee should visit the office, based on their role and department.

Bitonti said that the rationale behind the new working model is for employees to continue to feel comfortable, safe, and protected. According to him, the Crown corporation has made some office modifications to provide a safer work environment and be compliant with the provincial health and safety protocols. Yet, it is still uncertain how much office space would be needed for the new working format.

Additionally, in his recent statement, Bitonti added that the company is working with landlords to establish future real estate provisions to comply with local directives for the use of office space. He noted that the OLG continues its commitment to Sault Ste. Marie as both an employer and a sponsor of many events and charities.

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