Online Gambling Industry Stocks to Look Out For

Published: 18 March 2020

Written by: BryanL

Online gambling industry stocks image

Have you ever considered investing in the online gambling industry stocks, through share acquisition?  If not, then now seems to be a perfect time.

For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of online gambling is the amount of time that we spend on the best online casinos in Canada and all the fun that we have there.  Similarly, hitting the jackpot is the ultimate adrenalin rush.  But imagine that instead of using your winnings to spin another game, or even to spend it on your next dream purchase, you allocate this money more smartly and invest it in something that will make your wad of cash grow some more.

And, where better to invest than in the industry that you know so much about – online gambling.  By investing in an online casino of your choice, you will not only be supporting a familiar industry but will also stand a chance to make some notable profits.

The Growth of Online Gaming Industry

The online gaming industry has been expanding exponentially over the past couple of years due to a broader assortment of games offered and legal relaxations.  Online casinos are now commonplace, offering individual games and live dealer options.  The move towards the legalisation of gambling in many countries worldwide has also contributed to this rapid expansion.  With all the growth, the profit margins of these companies have skyrocketed, making some of them good picks for investment purposes.

10 Online iGaming Stocks to Keep on the Radar

We did a bit of research and have identified ten potential iGaming industry stocks that might provide good returns on investment in 2020*.

NetEnt (NETB)

NetEnt is one of the biggest software providers in the online casino industry.  Although a relative newcomer to the online gambling market, it has quickly established itself as a provider of highly popular games.  The curve of its stocks on the Stockholm Stock Exchange has shown some excellent growth recently.

LeoVegas (LEO.ST)

An excellent performer on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, LeoVegas has had a relatively good run over the past five years.  Its mobile phone accessibility has made it quite popular and it’s one of the most well-liked smartphone casinos.

Ladbrokes (GP.22)

The home of Ladbrokes stocks is the London Stock Exchange, and the company is often seen as the UK standard when it comes to online gambling.  Their shares have remained stable over the past decade, with conservative yet steady growth observed, making Ladbrokes one of the more robust companies in the industry.

Stars Group (TSGI)

Stars Group is home of some of the better loved online casinos, such as Poker Stars.  The company is renowned for its extensive global coverage and its important position in the industry.  Although Star Group stocks tend to experience volatility from time to time, they provide an excellent opportunity for a professional trader.

Caesars Entertainment Corporation (CZR)

Caesars is a shining beacon in the casino industry.  Its stocks have performed quite energetically, and many investors have put Caesars on their investment watchlist.

MGM Resorts International (MGM)

MGM is well-suited for those investors looking for a conservative investment with low risk.  This is one of the stocks that has a widespread presence in China and has subsequently been doing quite well over the past few years.

Kindred Group (KIND-SDB)

Kindred Group stocks are traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.  It’s a comprehensive provider of online gaming and offers everything from sports betting, to online slots, poker and bingo.  Kindred Group owns the Unibet trademark, which is the largest betting site globally.

Scientific Games (SGMS)

This stock has gained a reasonably dominant position, beating off some more formidable competition from around the industry.  The company provides digital gaming services, products and content.

International Game Technology (IGT)

International Game Technology is best known for its Dynasty Electronic Table Game and provides operators around the world with gaming machines, lotteries, as well as digital and social gaming.  With its innovative approach, its stocks are well-suited to grow in the future.

Playtech (PTEC)

Playtech is an Israeli software development firm that has become quite popular across the UK and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.  Playtech has over 500 released games under its belt and is renowned for the progressive technology that it applies.

With such rapid growth of the online gambling industry, the time for investing appears to be now.  Many of these companies are bound to grow even more, as existing legal barriers continue to melt away.  Ultimately, more growth means higher profitability on the stock exchange.


*This article does not act as financial or investment advice but is purely for general information purposes, showing subjective individual opinion that may or may not be in line with future economic trends.