Kawartha Downs Racetrack Gallops Towards a New Season

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After an extended period of empty racetracks, Karwatha Downs has swung open its doors to welcome back its racing stallions.

25 July was D-day at Kawartha Downs racecourse, with the familiar sight of galloping stallions once again taking centre stage at the venue.  After months of lockdown and other restrictions, the horse-betting gang has finally been able to reconvene and do what it does the best.  While the full set of controls is not yet the thing of the past, 100 eager race punters were allowed back onto the stands, to offer their cheer to the races at hand.

Along with land-based casinos and other gambling venues across Ontario, horse racetracks, too, remained shut for over four months.  This unprecedented situation has taken a heavy toll on both the gambling and sports betting industries, with their ability to generate income having been heavily curtailed.  With gamblers and punters now allowed to trickle back to their favourite pastime venues, positive change is on the horizon.

Partial Lifting of the Ban on Sports Betting Activities

During the first stage of the phased approach to lifting existing restrictions on spectator sports, the racecourse management has allowed the return of the participants, as well as horse owners and one additional guest, to accompany them.

Furthermore, Karwatha Downs is booking all seats ahead of any event so that social distancing criteria can be strictly implemented.  Once the booking system receives 100 reservations, it will cease accepting any further ones.  For the time being, all telephone reservations have been suspended, and any new reservation needs to be done online.

Reservation and Procedures on the Day

Each attendee will need to bring along their reservation confirmation email on the day of the event.  At the entrance, health officers will check everyone’s temperature and prompt guests to complete a visitor screening questionnaire.  Entry will be denied to anyone who does not wear a facemask.

Another downside is that no sale of food or beverages is allowed on the premises.  However, spectators are allowed to bring their own refreshments to the venue.  Additionally, horse owners can only register a spot for the night when their horses are racing.

Punters will still be allowed to place their bets while the races are taking palace, via reliable platforms such as hpibet.com and others.

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