How To Keep Fit and Active While Gambling

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While going to a casino is loads of fun, you should remember that keeping fit while gambling is good for both the body and the soul.

Often, the most ardent casino guests tend to put physical activity and weight control on the backburner.  Of course, besides the risk of a million-dollar jackpot giving you that proverbial “heart attack”, there are many reasons why you should otherwise keep your body in mint condition. 

Keeping fit while you gamble is the way to go, and these suggestions will show you how you can balance both:

Why is Being Excessively Sedentary Bad for You?

Research shows that all adults should be active for at least half an hour each day, regardless of age, weight, or activity level. Sedentary individuals are at higher risk of health complications, including heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure.  Also, active people are less likely to develop dementia and type two diabetes.

Get Creative with Exercising

If you are placing bets online from home, incorporate some exercise into your session. One man reportedly rode a gym bike each time he gambled online, allowing him to stay fit and play his favourite games simultaneously. Alternatively, you could do a series of exercises before logging onto your online casino site.  An easy way is to take regular ten-minute breaks to walk around your house, doing either leg or sit-up exercises.

Even if you gamble at a land-based casino, you could still fit in a few exercises before you arrive there. Think of the casino as your reward for exercising. Once you visit a gym or walk for 30 minutes, you could proceed to your favourite gambling hotspot. Work towards being physically active for at least 30 minutes each day.

Take Regular Breaks

No matter where you gamble, you must take an occasional break. By pausing, you could afford yourself some exercise time and give your brain a break. Research shows that people who take regular breaks while they gamble are more successful overall. 

When you are at a casino, it’s easy to lose track of time. Moreover, that’s precisely what casinos want. The design of casinos prohibits players from being aware of what time it is. There aren’t any clocks, and the lighting is dimmed, so you can stay in for hours with no breaks and ultimately spend more money. If you pause and walk for a while, there are benefits to your brain, clearing your head and bettering your play.


Something as simple as strolling around and altering your posture can have a positive effect on your concentration. It might make you less sleepy and help you think more clearly. It could also reduce eye strain, which often leads to severe headaches and neck pain.

If you can, take repeated breaks from your game and stretch your legs and arms. Your body and eyes will thank you for it.

Eat Right Foods

Are you sitting at a casino for hours and gulping down your meals whenever an opportunity arises? This behaviour is bad for both your digestion and your waistline. When you eat at a casino, focus on the healthy options found at a salad bar, including plenty of fruits and veggies.

If you are gambling at home, take a break and eat something healthy. Toss out those ultra-processed snacks and focus on healthier food choices. There are ample healthy foods that you can eat on the go, such as smoothies, eggs, salads, or even a wholegrain peanut butter sandwich.

Everything in Moderation

Many gamblers believe that dedicating time to exercise will result in them having less time for gambling. However, all you need to be physically active is 30 minutes of exercise per day. This might sound like nothing, but it contributes to your wellness over time, meaning you will look and feel better.

Also, when it’s time to celebrate, have that slice of cake and that ice cream! Celebrations make our lives fun. When you practice moderation, you can guiltlessly indulge from time to time.  And you will be healthier and full of energy to play more and win more.  Now, that is a sweet deal!

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