How Do Gender Differences Affect Wagering Preferences?

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Men and women are different, and these unique characteristics carry through to the things we do and like.  Gambling is no stranger to the gender differences, and these differences show when it comes to the selection of games we prefer and the methods that we use to gamble.

For generations, gambling has been a domain of men and has been associated with rough-around-the-edges masculinity.  However, with the recent more liberal approach to the way things are viewed, barriers that existed between the sexes in the world of gambling have slowly started to disappear.

To best understand all the gambling gender differences, we need to consider a few key variables:

Gambling Gender Differences and Preferences

While more and more women are gambling, they are not equally distributed across all the games offered at casinos.  According to research, women tend to prefer more straightforward games with simpler rules that lack strategic forethought.  Games such as slot machines, bingo and sports betting are on top of their list of preferences.

On the other hand, you will, in general, not see that many women playing games like blackjack and poker.  Also, the previously assumed stereotype that older women exclusively prefer bingo is rapidly changing.  With the rise of apps and smartphone technology, more and more younger people of both genders have been taking up bingo.

Reasons for Gambling

According to research, the underlying reasons why people gamble are not that different between the sexes.  Both sides admit that their primary reason for gambling is the pursuit of a monetary win, with the fun aspect of gambling coming in a close second place.

However, women seem to lean slightly more towards the fun facet of gambling than men.  Even though these differences are subtle, it explains why women prefer games that require lower levels of skill, like bingo, as opposed to more strategic games such as poker.

Personal Reactions towards a Big Win

The way women and men express themselves, while gambling also differs slightly when it comes to winning.  While men are more likely to continue playing following a large win, often returning their entire winnings to the casino, women tend to be more cautions.  Female players are more likely to cash out and enjoy their win and are deemed to be less of a risktaker than their male counterparts.

Gambling Locations

When analysing the locations from where either of the sexes gamble, a list of interesting places comes up.  While gambling in front of the TV or while sitting on a toilet shows repeatedly, both sexes have also reported gambling while driving, which is strongly discouraged.

The key differentiator of gambling locations between the sexes appears in family occasions such as birthdays and weddings.  Here, men are more likely to disappear and enjoy a sneaky game or a few spins.  This is because men are more emotionally detached from such situations than women, who tend to be more carried away emotionally by gatherings.

Amount of Gambling

Men spend more money each week on gambling than women.  This also boils down to men spending more time gambling too.  Alternatively, both genders are tied when it comes to the ownership of gambling accounts, with most men and women having at least two accounts under their name.

The Conclusion

After taking into consideration both the male and the female modes of gambling and personal preferences, it is safe to deduct that gambling is truly a gender-neutral activity that can be enjoyed by anyone.

From a marketing point of view, we can soon expect more industry-related advertisements and promotions explicitly aimed at female gamblers.  As a result, there will likely be an even more significant uptake of female patrons at both land-based and online casinos, willing to try out their luck.

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