How Do Excitement and Adrenalin Influence Gambling?

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Like it or not, adrenalin rushes come standard for any person who likes to gamble, and often affect our moves and choices around the betting table. 

The gambling fundamentals remain the same, whether you prefer betting at an online casino or enjoy going out with your buddies and doing a round at a land-based casino table.  While each one of us might prefer different gambling games, casinos or strategies that we employ, one thing that remains constant between all gamblers is adrenalin.

What is Adrenalin?

Adrenalin is a hormone that the body produces naturally.  When the body secretes adrenalin, it increases the blood pressure and heart rate, dilates the pupils, and increases blood glucose levels to the brain, resulting in expanded lung air passages.

Adrenalin rush makes you feel more alert, similar to the feeling that you get after drinking a strong cup of coffee.  This rush also leads to heightened emotions in the form of delight, anger or any other feeling.

How Does Adrenalin Affect Gambling?

The gambler enters a wagering scenario with the explicit knowledge that the house always has an advantage over the player.  So, why gamble?  The answer is simple.  Humans derive excitement from risk, and the risk of gambling is even more appealing due to the potential of a life-changing reward.

Nevertheless, it’s not just the promise of huge money wins that gives us joy and stimulates a natural high.  The game-playing process also arouses us with excitement, which makes gambling fun even when you end up losing.

Adrenalin also makes the gambler more alert, which helps with games that require strategic thinking, like blackjack and poker.  Being alert enables you to avoid making unnecessary mistakes and keeps you in line with your strategy, which boosts your winning chances in the end.

Gambling’s Social Buzz

Gambling carries with it a social dimension, too, providing excitement and delight due to its competitive nature.  People often go to a casino in a group, where other social activities are also performed, like dining in a restaurant or attending a musical or theatrical performance.  The social aspect can even be carried through to your home by enjoying an online casino experience with your loved ones.

With the future development of virtual reality casinos, the social aspect of online gambling will be further enhanced.  Online casinos have the potential to become social activity hubs and help gamblers escape the mundanity of everyday lives through communally interactive online platforms.

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