Cullen Commission Gets Final Report Date Submission Extension

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The Cullen Commission, which is investigating alleged money laundering at British Columbia casinos, has been given an extension to submit its finds.  

The commission of inquiry into money laundering practices at casinos in British Columbia has been granted an extension to submit its final report.  The commission, headed by judge Austin Cullen, now has until 20 May 2022 to present its findings.

This is not the first time an extension has been granted, with previous delays arising due to the ongoing pandemic.  As a result of health concerns, all hearings have been conducted via video calls since March 2020.

A Necessary Extension

Judge Austin Cullen stated that the commission’s staff, counsel, and participants had put enormous effort into getting to this stage of proceedings. The inquiry has now officially concluded with hearings. Nonetheless, Cullen noted that the situation had been assessed, and it was determined that there would not be sufficient time to draft a final report by the previous deadline in December.

According to Cullen, with the extended deadline, the inquiry would be able to compile a report that provides analyses and recommendations that would be in line with the gravity of the issue at hand. The commission was set up to investigate alleged money laundering activities in British Columbian casinos and explore methods of battling the problem in the future.

Additionally, the commission noted that notwithstanding the significant progress made with reviewing the considerable amount of evidence, the finalisation of the report would be a very time-consuming process. The inquiry delays were further caused by the former British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s anti-money laundering director and whistle-blower, Ross Alderson, whom the commission had trouble locating.

The commission also explained that its mandate is wide-ranging in its scope and covers various sectors of the economy, as well as a wide variety of enterprises, government agencies, government officials, law enforcement, gaming entities, corporations, and many more. The report also includes a review of crucial notions like quantification, privacy implications, money laundering, and anti-money laundering initiatives.

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