Councillor Discusses Kingsway Entertainment District Benefits

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Sudbury councillor, Robert Kirwan, reiterated the benefits of the Kingsway Entertainment District development for the Greater Sudbury region.

This week, Greater Sudbury councillor for Ward 5, Robert Kirwan, outlined the benefits of the Kingsway Entertainment District (KED) project for the city. Kirwan warned that Sudbury couldn’t afford to ignore the multimillion-dollar project as it guarantees continued long-term financial advantages for the city.

The KED has been a hotly debated topic in Greater Sudbury, with the CA$100 million project being delayed numerous times. The city council successfully passed a motion in 2021 to proceed with the project. The development plans to include a CA$60 million Gateway Casinos venue, hockey arena, hotel by Genesis Hospitality, and more.

Beneficial Project for Sudbury

According to Robert Kirwan, the Kingsway Entertainment District would be a wind in the back for the city’s economy, with many companies expected to line up and partake in the project. Kirwan added that the expanded development of the site would generate millions of dollars of additional proceeds for the city from casino sharing revenue and commercial taxation.

Although Kirwan admitted that the project is inflated, he is adamant that there is no better time to invest since the cost will only get steeper. As the 13th largest city in Ontario, Greater Sudbury is in a favourable position to become an economic powerhouse in the province’s northern regions.

Kirwan asserted that the city needs the courage to proceed with the project. In his words, this is the tipping point for the city’s future, and the council must act to take advantage of this opportunity. Kirwan also shared that he has complete confidence in the local officials tasked with developing a financial plan.

The Ward 5 councillor also said that the Kingsway Entertainment District and Junction East Cultural Campus, another priority project for the city, will generate long-term benefits when completed in 2025. Kirwan believes that the two projects will initiate a future that many of the city’s forefathers could only dream of.

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