CCSA Releases Latest Gambling Awareness Guidelines

CCSA gambling guidelines image
Gambling Addiction. Image Credit: Shutterstock

The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) has released a fresh set of guidelines to raise awareness of the possible negative impact of gambling.

Wagering has never been more accessible, with a plethora of online gambling platforms accessible from anywhere.  Subsequently, the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) has issued a fresh set of guidelines dealing with the potential negative impact of gambling.

The new recommendations state that gamblers shouldn’t wager more than one per cent of their monthly household income. Also, gamblers are advised not to wager more than four days per month. Another recommendation states that bettors should focus on a maximum of two games at a time.

New CCSA Recommendations

Gambling counsellor, Chelsea Rodrigues, noted that problem gambling should not be underestimated, regardless of gender, social status, education, or religion.  Rodrigues explained that those who had previously suffered from problem gambling could be re-exposed to risks with the easing of gambling restrictions.

She added that people who have been previously diagnosed with addictive gambling should not dive deep into it. Instead, the gamblers ought to test the waters first. Dr Matthew Young, who assisted in developing the new guidelines, said that the new recommendations are there to limit people’s participation.

Young explained that the latest guidelines should go hand in hand with others to reduce gambling risks to a minimum. Young believes that gamblers experience some form of addiction because of the disbursement and time spent away from their families. Also, problem gamblers tend to lose time on gambling instead of being productive.

Rodrigues informed that there is a venue for in-person treatment for problem gambling. She explained that they are able to see people face to face and offer a residential programme with a short waiting period. Rodrigues also warned that everyone could be a victim of problem gambling and cautioned every gambler to be prepared to lose money while wagering.