Open Secrets at Casinos That Every Gambler Should Know

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Every casino keeps a file of dirty little open secrets regarding the way it operates and how things get done.  While most of these secrets are public, not all players are fully aware of them.  

We can only imagine what an average day at a casino entails, with the ups and downs that come standard.  From physical and verbal abuse of the staff to hustlers who employ their double-dealing skills to cheat the house, or even highly intoxicated VIP clients who cause fights and damage property, that day can be pretty jampacked for those who oversee the operations. 

On the other hand, croupiers, dealers, waitrons, and security guards all develop a high tolerance to this type of behaviour over time.  Of course, they have learned to keep a few dirty secrets about the casinos where they work along the way. 

Here are some open casino secrets that you should be aware of:

1. Dealers Steal Chips

Both croupiers and dealers must show their open hands to the camera whenever they handle chips or shuffle cards. Even though a few have efficaciously managed to get uncaught stealing from casinos in the past, those who have been caught out have faced dire consequences.

Usually, a security guard will deal with such an issue, although it’s not uncommon for rogue employees to face jail time. Since casinos don’t want negative publicity, these matters often get dealt with privately, like the manager’s office, where a few stern words or actions get dished out. 

2. Complimentary Drinks Are Not Complimentary

One of the most significant incentives about visiting a casino is the complimentary drinks and other freebies. However, while the booze is flowing freely, most people become more focused on the novelty and less on how much they’re actually spending. This is just another great aspect of casino psychology designed to keep the players glued to the machines or tables the entire night.

So, the next time you’re sipping on that vintage cognac, remember that this is petty cash to the casino, and you’re likely going to end up giving far more to the house. Not to mention the tips that you’re expected to give to the waitrons and dealers.

3. Casinos Use Undercover Police

Undercover cops are an alternative form of casino security and often form part of a mutual arrangement between the casino operators and the local police force. While uniformed police handle the trouble outside of the venues, undercover officers are often deployed inside most Las Vegas casinos to observe the proceedings. This is why all cheaters can pretty much bank on getting caught. 

4. Casino Décor is Designed to Keep You In

Have you ever noticed that there are no windows or clocks inside land-based casinos? This is no accident and is the casino’s way of making sure you remain unaware of what time of the day it is. This results in players endlessly chucking bets on the table the entire night, without realizing it’s already light outside! The lack of windows also serves a secondary purpose – it keeps the sun glare off the slot machine screens. As for the psychedelic casino carpets, the jury is still out on that one.

5. Staff Make 80% of Their Salary from Tips

Tips make up the bulk of casino employees’ salaries, and they’ll do anything to get your open-handedness, providing it doesn’t breach their contract. Tipping is also essential if you wish to enjoy those complimentary drinks.  If you’re not tipping and only placing a few bets here and there, the waitrons will likely avoid you. 

6. Staff Wear Fake Smiles

Most casino staff work between nine- and eleven-hour shifts but still tend to appear happy. One barman revealed that this is simply to encourage gamblers to give them more tips. If you recall that charming dealer who gave you a wink the last time you played roulette — we’re sorry to pee on your fireworks! 

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