Best Dispensaries in Las Vegas to Buy Recreational Marijuana

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As of 2017, Nevada joined the ever-growing list of US states that have legalised the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

The use of opiates has always been shunned by society for all the obvious reasons. Uncontrolled use of drugs can ruin lives and, occasionally, end them too. However, the authorities from around the world have recently begun warming up to the idea of permitting the recreational use of marijuana.

This trend also took off in the US, with several states legalising the drug when obtained from registered dispensaries. Since 2017, punters who visit Las Vegas have been able to purchase recreational marijuana from dispensaries that were already distributing the medical form of this drug. 

So, if you’re heading down to Sin City and are a fan of joints, here are some of the city’s top dispensaries:


Blüm was founded in 2013 in California. Four years later, TerraTec joined forces with Blüm to create one of the first cannabis companies that were publicly traded. There are currently three Blüm dispensaries in Sin City. Blüm executives say they are committed to promoting Nevada’s cannabis movement in every possible way.

Blüm also works with the community to achieve responsible legislation and not have separate dispensaries working against one another to make a profit. The company is known for its fair pricing, and since tourists made Blüm popular in California, the company has accurately predicted that it would have similar success in Las Vegas.


NuLeaf has been in business in Las Vegas for a few years, with additional locations in Berkeley and Lake Tahoe, California. NuLeaf is right off The Strip and has convenient parking for customers. The company has been operating in California for over 20 years and knows what users need and how different marijuana strains affect the body.

NuLeaf also focuses on patient care and has long been involved in activism when it comes to the use of medical marijuana. NuLeaf sources, produces, and buys medical marijuana products and has been around longer than any other US dispensary. NuLeaf also collaborates closely with Kiva Confections to create effective and potent edibles.


Essence is a relatively new company and has been in business for approximately seven years. The company has a production and cultivation licence and uses its own supply to service customers. Essence is committed to quality products and has a few Vegas locations, including one on The Strip, all of which opened in 2016.

The employees are all professionals, and consultants learn about customers’ needs before making the sale. This is slightly different from the usual “budtender” staff that work at most dispensaries and sell marijuana-based on budget and preferences. All the consultants go through training to familiarise themselves with the products so that they can offer accurate information to clients.

Essence has a registered nurse on-site who can meet with any customer free of charge. It is also the only dispensary in Nevada that hosts focus groups. The groups help Essence understand what the customer expectations are and the changes they would like to see, using this information to improve its offering.


Shango was founded in Portland, Oregon, and has been in business for about eight years. The Las Vegas location offers retail services with vertical cultivation and extraction. Shango products are scrutinised for quality, with the staff priding themselves on client education and serving each customer based on their individual needs.

The Shango team combines a century of experience in operating an extraction and cultivation facility. Shango provides client education services where customers can learn about various products to help with specific medical conditions.

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