7 Legal Hacks to Online Gambling

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When we think of hacking, the first image that comes to mind is that of shady characters working from underground facilities in far-flung countries, breaking into protected websites and spiriting away substantial sums of money.  These hackers are a nuisance to online casinos, and considerable security measures need to be continuously implemented to protect sensitive client information.

But, if we told you that you could better your chances at a casino by being a hacker, would you believe us?  Just like malignant hacking approaches are used by crooks around the world to embezzle funds, so too are “legal hacking” methods acceptable and effective in boosting your winning chances.

Here’s a list of the most popular legal hacking methods:

1. Make Use of Hit Frequency

A usual pitfall that many players fall into is the assumption that if you randomly go from machine to machine, you will ultimately stumble across a high-paying slot.  This method is not practical since slots machines make use of random number generators to determine each spin, making any predictions entirely speculative.

However, there is a way to predict the probability of a particular machine paying, by monitoring the hit frequency or the frequency of a machine paying per line.  Although games don’t list their hit frequencies, you can figure this out based on common sense and monitoring variables such as the number of small and large payouts and the jackpot size.  The rule of the thumb is that games with smaller jackpots and payouts will have a higher hit frequency.

2. Avoid Slot Machine Psychology Tricks

Let’s face it.  We’ve all been drawn to a slots machine by its hypnotising graphics and sounds.  By falling into the game zone, you become so immersed in the play, that you become oblivious to anything around you.  These captivating stimuli mask overall losses through a graphic and audible emphasis on smaller wins, which ultimately create losses that are disguised as wins.  Being aware of this will protect you from getting sucked into a game that has the potential to drain the last dime out of your pocket.

3. Analyse National and Provincial Gaming Reports

One of the best ways to figure out the return to player rates at inhouse casinos is to go through the available gaming reports put together by regulatory bodies.  Each state in Canada has got an agency that is responsible for regularly putting together these reports.  Please note that as opposed to an in-house casino, where chances of a more substantial payback are mainly related to higher wagered amounts, the sum wagered at online casinos in most cases does not impact the payback rate.

4. Review Online Casino Slots Providers

Internet slots are renowned for offering more considerable paybacks on average, compared to inhouse slots.  They also allow for smaller wagered amounts.  The best way to find out which games pay the most is to review online slots providers.  Some providers like Quickspin and Thunderkick display the returns to a player on their game’s help screens.

5. Increase Expected Value

Expected value (EV) is an estimate of how much money you can expect to win.  A good indication of expected value is the house edge, as it shows the potential to win over a more extended period.  While most casino games offer a negative EV, you can enhance this shortfall by wagering on a progressive jackpot once it has increased by a significant amount.  You can make use of the starting jackpot amount compared to growth as an estimate of the expected value.

6. Make Use of Variables to Manage Bankroll

Although managing your bankroll doesn’t directly impact your winnings, it can assist you with alleviating the risk.  Studies show that an average player loses between 250 and 350 units in an hour.  But, since slots are the most unpredictable of casino games, it is more challenging to predict losses and winnings over a short term.  You can try to reduce the volatility by playing games with smaller payouts, which deliver more prizes in the short run.

7. Seek the Best Slots Comps

Look out for bonuses such as the ones that accompany online deposits before playing.  These are dished out to players to retain their loyalty and usually have a payout rate of 0.1%, which means for every CA$1,000, you will get CA$1 in rewards.  Some of the best bonuses are deposit bonuses which match your cash deposit with a corresponding percentage of complimentary value.  Research and play at casinos that offer substantial bonuses.

Hacking is not only wrong, but it is a criminal offence that carries severe punishment.  But by making use of these legal tricks, you can licitly glance inside the machinery of a casino and figure out how to gamble your money most optimally.  And, the best part of it all is that it’s all entirely legal.

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