6 Best Poker Chip Sets for Playing Poker at Home

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A good quality poker chip set could be the answer for those wishing to shift their weekly poker games up a gear.

Why fly to Las Vegas when you can get a casino-style experience from the comfort of your own home using a quality chipset that recreates the gaming floor in your den?  The more realistic your chips are, the better your game looks and feels.

Here’s your guide to the six top chip sets currently on the market:

1.  The Mint Chip Set (Claysmith Gaming)

When it comes to poker chips, there’s nothing more crucial than their structure.  Because chips need to be stacked on top of one another and then pushed forward, they must be flat to prevent them from falling over.  “The Mint” has been so well-designed that you can move the chips while stacking them, and they won’t fall over.

Even better, the markings around the chips’ edge make it easier to count when they’re piled up.  These poker chips are of excellent quality, being both weighty and made from clay composite, just like real chips at your favourite casino.  Not only are the chips unique and stylish looking, but they also make a pleasing sound when you move them around the table and are packed in a professional-looking case.

2.  Monte Carlo Clay Set (JP Commerce)

Although plastic and metal chips potentially last longer, nothing feels quite so good in your hand as clay chips.  The feel and sound of this set transport you to a real casino thanks to their heavier weight of 13,5 grams.  Because this set comes with 500 poker chips, it’s perfect for hosting larger groups of up to six players.  The chips come in a hard-shelled case with a spongy lining, so you can carry your game around knowing it’s well-insulated.

3.  Chips and Games Custom Set

If you’re looking for a personal touch, this chip set is the one for you.  You can have your initials stamped on each chip and choose your preferred colour, customising your set to suit your taste.

You’ll never have to worry again about getting your chips mixed up with your friends’ ones.  As a bonus, up to six players can play at once.  The chips are well-made and have a weighty feel that mimics in-house casino chips, which will transport you straight to the Vegas gaming floor.

4.  LANSCH Set

If you’re looking for a complete poker solution, the LANSCH set is well suited for you.  The set comes with 300 chips, making it ideal for more intimate games.  You are supplied with two card decks, blind buttons, a device, and a dealer.  Because it comes in a single case, you can take your games with you everywhere you go.  And, since the chips have a solid weight of 11,5 grams, they feel great in your hand.

5.  Da Vinci Poker Set

When you’re looking for a set of poker chips that closely resemble the real deal but come at a price you can afford, Da Vinci is your best bet.  Made from a clay-composite resin, these chips come with added weight, feeling more like genuine casino chips.

The set comes with 500 chips so larger groups can play.  The box includes dice, two decks of cards, and three dealer buttons.  Perhaps the best feature is the hardy silver case with a soft, padded interior to protect your cards and chips.

6.  Kovot Dice Style Set

If you prefer to play in smaller groups or wish to play spontaneously, the Kobot Dice Style Set is your perfect choice.  With 300 chips, you can play with up to four players.  And, because the case is compact, it’s light and easy to carry around when you’re travelling.  These chips have a trendy dice-style pattern, so they look professional, with their size and weight adding to their authenticity.  The set comes in a lightweight case that is travel-sized.

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