5 Top Mississippi Riverboat Casinos of Louisiana

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The mighty Mississippi River is the jugular vein of the Unites States, connecting its northern and southern parts.  The river is also renowned for its legendary riverboat casinos that used to traverse its banks from Minnesota to Louisiana.

The Mississippi River represents one of the most important topographic features in North America.  In its entirety, it zigzags through ten states and covers an impressive distance of 2,320 miles.  The river birthed some significant settlements along its winding flow, including St Paul, St Louis, Baton Rouge, La Crosse and New Orleans, all of which were once directly connected by stately riverboats that traversed the Mississippi.

However, these riverboats were more than just modes of transport, with many of them housing plush apartments and glitzy casinos, since gambling on land was strictly forbidden at the time.  As a result, the legend of riverboat casinos was born, the allure of which lives on to this very day.

Back in the 19th century, the slow-cruising riverboats attracted a colourful spectre of guests, as they lazily steamed down the river and the bayou waterways.  While the Louisiana riverboats no longer cruise along the Mississippi on gambling adventures, you can still relive the experience of floating casinos by embarking on one of Louisiana’s moored riverboat gambling houses.

Here are the top five riverboat casinos of Louisiana that you should not miss:

1. Isle of Capri Casino

The Isle of Capri Casino has been moored in Louisiana’s Lake Charles, where it still floats amidst its former grandeur.  The boat is decked with 11 poker tables, 34 tables with other games and an impressive 1,175 slots.

For those searching for gastronomical delights, restaurants like Otis Steakhouse, Lone Wolf Express, Farmer’s Pick Buffet and Henry’s Bar & Grill offer a sumptuous mixture of Cajun, creole and French colonial cuisines.  And, after a good dinner, what better way to end your evening than by listening to a performance of good old Louisiana swamp pop.

2. Treasure Chest Casino

To find the Treasure Chest Casino riverboat, head off to the pristine waters of Lake Pontchartrain.  The lake shares its shores with New Orleans itself, so you can enjoy the Big Easy while raiding your treasure chest on the lake.

The Treasure Chest Casino is a classic riverboat oozing old-world charm, with plush interiors, jazz bands and good chow. The gaming floor, which is open until 5 am each morning, houses 36 tables that include blackjack, roulette, craps and the ever-present Mississippi stud poker.

3 Sam’s Town

Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino riverboat is moored on the banks of the Red River in Shreveport.  The boat follows an Old West theme, complementing the Southern charm of its host city.  The riverboat itself forms part of a larger casino complex, so you can pick and choose your gambling flavours.

There’re craps, baccarat, roulette and poker tables, as well as progressive slots that are open 24 hours a day.  And, when it’s time to sink your teeth into some good grub, William B Steakhouse or Smokey Joe Café are there to cater to your craving.

4. Amelia Belle

Amelia Belle is a grand old lady of the river, exuding glitz and glamour across its four floors.  This classy ship is docked in the bayou town of Amelia and offers a good selection of Texas hold’em, Mississippi stud and 3-card pokers.  For food and drinks, pay a visit to the Bayou Café or the renowned all-you-can-eat Cajun Buffet.

5. Hollywood Casino

There’s no shortage of Hollywoods in the US, with the best-known ones located in California and Florida.  Not surprisingly, there’s a Hollywood in Louisiana, too, moored on the banks of the mighty Mississippi in Baton Rouge.  The boat is peppered with over a thousand slot machines, as well as dozens of table games such as roulette, craps, blackjack, 3-card-poker and Cajun stud poker.

The Hollywood Casino riverboat combines Hollywood’s allure with Las Vegas’s ostentatiousness, all mixed with a Southern flair. To tantalise your tastebuds, indulge at the Epic Buffet, grab a Cajun snack at the Take Two Deli, or hobnob at the Celebrity Grill. And there’s the champagne brunch each Sunday, or the monthly Jazz lunch, to celebrate the sights and sounds of the Big Easy and the birthplace of cool.

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