5 Top Global Casinos Located inside Exclusive Ski Resorts

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Gambling at high altitudes can be fun, with many of the most exclusive ski resorts around the world featuring their very own casinos, where guests can wind down after a fun day on the slopes. 

Combining your next winter holiday in the mountains with some leisurely gambling is a sure way to have a well-rounded vacation. As more and more ski resorts continue to open up gambling sections to diversify their offering, the choices are endless if you are a passionate punter with a penchant for ski slopes.

While the occupancy rates at ski resorts have taken somewhat of a pounding due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, world’s top ski resorts in the Alps and the Rockies would normally be jampacked with tourists at this time of the year.  Backed by a poor season last year, there is some glimmer of hope with this year’s numbers, although the rough estimates are suggesting that “normalcy” will only return in 2022.

The intricate line that connects snow-sport enthusiasm and casinos is the thrill of gambling.  Sliding down a mountain slope atop a pair of skis or a snowboard is a risk unto itself.  Skiers and snowboarders gamble with their safety, each time that they rapidly descend downhill. It’s the thrill-seeking characteristic that has endeared these adrenalin junkies to taking further risks at casinos.

5 Top Casinos in Ski Resorts

If you are looking for a casino during your next ski holiday, here is a list of the five most pleasant winter resorts that would best suit your needs:

1. Casino Barriere (Megeve, France)

Megeve is France’s answer to St Moritz.  This classy and picturesque ski resort is located in the vicinity of Mont Blanc, offering spectacular views and some of the top-rated Alpine hotels.  Casino Barriere Megeve caters to high-rollers and is part of the Lucien Barriere Group of luxury hotels, resorts and casinos.  Interiors are classy and elegant, offering what could be ranked as one of the best ski resort casinos globally.

The game of choice at the casino is poker, although there is a large selection of tables that cater to craps, roulette and blackjack enthusiasts. Plus, for the more competitive punters, there are tournaments taking place each day of the year.

2. Casino Barriere (Chamonix, France)

Chamonix has been on the maps of adventurers since the 1760s. While not as adventurous today, the spirit of Chamonix stems from its busy ski hub and a premium mountain casino.  The casino building dates back to 1860 and is located next to Balmat and Saussure’s statues, the first men to scale Mont Blanc.  The casino boasts roulette, punto banco, craps, poker and blackjack tables in the main room, as well as exclusive VIP salons for high-roller players.  There is also a good selection of 70 slot machines, for those who prefer the one-arm bandits.

3. Casino Davos (Davos, Switzerland)

Davos ski resort in Switzerland is best known for its annual World Economic Forum, which sees the rich and the powerful rub shoulders.  The Davos Casino, owned by Stadtcasino Baden, is known to host big spenders from Geneva, Milan and Zurich.

The casino features eight tables of poker, blackjack and roulette, as well as 70 slot machines.  However, be careful that you don’t get carried away, since gambling addiction is taken very seriously in Switzerland, and you may be asked to stop if you enter a losing spiral.

4. Casino Kitzbühel (Kitzbühel, Austria)

Kitzbühel is one of the best knows ski resorts, famous for hosting the annual Hahnenkamm downhill race.  The small, medieval town is peppered with fancy bars, posh restaurants and luxurious hotels.  Casino Kitzbühel is set inside a fairy-tale building dating back to 1274 and boasts the latest gambling machines and a wide variety of tables.

The casino also houses spectacular nightlife venues, while those who are more interested in spending the evening on the casino floor, there is a selection of three poker, seven blackjack and eight roulette tables, as well as 48 slots machines.

5. Montbleau (Lake Tahoe, USA)

Lake Tahoe is home to one of the top ski resorts in the US, and its proximity to Nevada has made it popular with gamblers.  A recent renovation in 2015 brought Montbleau into the 21st century.  A notable addition was a swish casino packed with the best entertainment on the lake.

Guests can enjoy blackjack, roulette, craps, poker and slot games aplenty. But it’s the Las Vegas-style entertainment in the evenings and on weekends that makes Montbleu a great party destination. If you like to visit a fun mountaintop casino, then Montbleau should not be missed.

So, if you’re looking for a ski resort casino, you now know where to go. Choose one of the five top ski resort casinos above, and you’ll be guaranteed a great time.

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