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The Bowery Boys Review

Times were often seedy during the 19th century and many cities never slept! If you secretly harbor some gangster qualities, this is the adventure for you. The Bowery Boys rule this joint with an iron fist, dear gamer AND they look forward to making your acquaintance. Each character bestows a unique feature … do not delay your participation if this piques your interest. The Bowery Boys is a real online video slots game that is brought to you by Hacksaw Gaming and is played on 6 reels, with cluster paylines. If you are scouring the online Canadian market and are of the mind to play THE REAL GAME, we would love to welcome you here.

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Slot Details

For a real blast of a time that promises to multiply your earnings, you will need to place that lucky bet of yours. The spectator may opt for the Autoplay Function to take these proceedings in at ease. The Turbo Spin Function is at the disposal of the faster paced adventurer.

You stand the chance of winning up to 10 000 x your bet.

Game Rules

  • This slot game is processed on a 6 x 5 playing field with Scatter Wins.
  • All paying symbols are Scatter Win based, which means that the player may have to amass at least 8 of the same symbols (anywhere on the grid) in order to generate a reward.
  • After every gain the winning symbols will be removed so that new symbols may fill those positions.
    • This will continue until all wins are exhausted.
  • All gains and winning combinations will be paid in accordance to the paytable.
  • Multiple wins in one round will be added together and the total gain per round will be displayed in the win field.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Wild Symbol

  • The “GIVE US WILD” inscribed upon the wooden wine barrel represents the Wild Symbol.
  • The Wild Symbol may substitute any high or low paying symbol.

Total Win Bar Feature

  • All player gains awarded during a round will be collected and displayed above the reels in the total win bar – as a pending win amount.
    • This pending amount will be updated after each new gain.
    • At the end of the round, this awaiting amount will be presented to the gamer and the win counter will be re-set to zero.

Strongbox Feature

  • The golden ornate Key Symbol may unlock the strongbox.
  • Collecting strongboxes along with a Key Symbol may allow the player to unlock one or more additional prizes of cash.
    • Any such values collected will be added to the total pending win amount (that is displayed above the reels at the end of the round, prior to the application of any Multiplier/s).
    • One Key Symbol may unlock multiple strongboxes.
      • There are 3 different kinds of strongboxes, each holding a unique prize, as follows:
    • SMALL STRONGBOX: contains a cash prize that is valued from 2 to 5 x the bet;
    • MEDIUM STRONGBOX: contains a cash prize that is valued from 10 to 25 x the bet; and
    • LARGE STRONGBOX: contains a cash prize that is valued from 50 to 250 x the bet.


Blasting Bomb Multiplier Feature

  • The Blasting Bomb Multiplier is represented by the bomb icon.
    • These icons are devised to enhance (“explode”) player rewards!
  • A Blasting Bomb Multiplier will sum the current pending win amount by the Multiplier value at the end of the round.
  • Amassing 2 or more Blasting Bomb Multipliers will ensure that the attached values will firstly, be summed together, and thereafter, the gain will be summed by the total win!
  • Possible Blasting Bomb Multiplier values are set at x 2, x 3, x 4, x 5, x 10, x 15, x 75 and x 100.
  • Blasting Bomb Multipliers will only be activated in the event of a pending win amount appearing in the total win bar.

Bonus Game Rules

  • The Bonus Symbol is depicted by the purple word “BONUS” (icon).
  • The Bonus Game Feature comprises of 3 game play modes, all of which, may be triggered via the Bonus Symbol, namely:


  • Strongbox Storage Bonus Round – triggered by amassing 1 Bonus Symbol;
  • Daisy’s Dynamite Bonus Round – triggered by amassing 2 Bonus Symbols; and
  • Bowery Savings Bank Bonus Round – triggered by amassing 3 Bonus Symbols.


Strongbox Storage Bonus Feature

  • 10 Free Spins are initially awarded during this feature.
  • The player may store up to 5 strongboxes in the storage facility if they are collected without a Key Symbol.
    • Once a Key Symbol is collected it may open any strongbox upon the reels, as well as those in the gamer’s storage facility.
  • Bonus Symbols will ensure the gamer of additional spins (each Bonus Symbol will present the player with 1 extra spin).

Daisy’s Dynamite Bonus Feature

  • 10 Free Spins are initially awarded during this feature.
  • This game play mode contains special Dynamite Multipliers which require a detonator to be activated.
  • Dynamite Multipliers may hold the following values: x 2, x 3, x 4, x 5, x 10, x 15, x 25, x 50, x 75 and x 100.
  • All landed Dynamite Multipliers will be progressively stored in the dynamite box until a detonator appears.
  • Once a detonator lands, it will trigger all the Dynamite Multipliers that are stored (in the box) in one giant explosion, which will sum the player’s pending win amount for that current round.
  • Landing Bonus Symbols as additional symbols, will ensure an extra spin for each Bonus Symbol.
  • Detonators may appear during both winning and losing spins.

Bowery Savings Bank Bonus Feature

  • 10 Free Spins are initially awarded during this feature.


  • For each win attained, the same amount will be stored in a separate vault.


  • The amount displayed in the vault is not rewarded unless collected by landing the Special Dollar Symbol.


  • Landing the Dice Symbol will multiply the current value, by the sum of the 2 six-sided dice.
    • Possible Multiplier values range from x 2 to x 12.


  • Landing the Police Officer Badge Symbol will ensure the appearance of a law enforcement officer, who will have to be paid off – with a percentage of the value of the stash in the vault; i.e. 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or 50%!


  • Landing Bonus Symbols will present the player with additional spins (each symbol will generate 1 extra spin).

Bonus Buy Feature

  • The player may purchase this feature directly from the main game play mode.

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