The Border Online Slots

The Border Online Slot

The Border slots game reminds the player that hope can only get one so far. Discover the desolate world of trigger happy patrol agents and cash fueled kingpins. The gamer is cautioned not to underestimate the power of this wall! The Border is a real money online video slots game that is brought to you by Nolimit City and is played on 5 reels, with cluster payouts. If you are in the online Canadian market in search of a real money generating slots game, rest assured that The Border is a superb option.

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Slot Details

More About The Border Real Money Online Slots Review

To gain both freedom and financial reward you will need to place your bet. The Autoplay Function is available for the cautious observer; however, the high speed gamer is advised to opt for the Quick Spin Function – for an inspiring experience.

You stand the chance of winning up to 44 288 x your bet.

The Border Game Rules

  • This slots game is played on 6 reels with 13 symbols.
  • The maximum win is capped at 44 288 x the base bet.
  • Winning combinations and pays are calibrated in accordance to the paytable.
  • All symbol payout values reflected in the paytable are displayed in the same currency in which the bet is placed.
  • Malfunction voids all wins.

The Border Cluster Payout

  • Cluster Wins may be achieved by amassing 5 or more matching symbols that are touching horizontally and / or vertically.
  • After a Cluster Win the symbols will be destroyed, duly making space for new symbols to fill the locations.

The Border xWays® Symbol

  • The xWays® Symbol will be transformed into a regular symbol size of 2 or 4 times in scope, when landing on the reel.
    • This creates an offset that allows the connection of additional symbols that are adjacent to each other.
    • Should more than 1 xWays™ Symbol land upon the reels, it will result in all xWays® Symbols revealing an identical symbol type.

The Border xSplit® Symbol

  • The xSplit® Symbol may only land on reels 2 to 6.
  • This symbol will split all symbols to the left and double the symbol size/s, converting itself into a Wild Symbol.
  • The xSplit® Symbol may split Scatter Symbols – turning 1 symbol into 2 symbols.
  • Should multiple xSplit® Symbols appear on the same row, the symbols that are already split will obtain xX-indicators (ranging up to x 64).
  • The Multiplier value will reflect the symbol count per reel.

The Border xNudge® Cluster Wild Symbol

  • The xNudge® Cluster Wild Symbol is a Wild Symbol that is capable of nudging both up and down, when forming part of a Cluster Win.
    • Depending on the winning symbol position (whether appearing above or below) it will nudge in the relevant direction, duly increasing the Win Multiplier (by +1) for each symbol that it nudges over.
    • Should a symbol already be associated with a Multiplier, it will increase the value of such a Multiplier.
    • The nudge will continue until no further symbols are found to be part of a Cluster Win.
    • Should the xNudge® Cluster Wild Symbol already be split by an xSplit® Symbol, it will add its own Multiplier to the overall Win Multiplier.
    • Nudged over symbols will retain symbol values, duly ensuring that no clusters are lost during the nudging process.

The Border xBomb® Wild Symbol

  • The xBomb® Wild Symbol may substitute any other symbol except for the Scatter Symbol.
  • An exploding xBomb® Wild Symbol will remove adjacent symbols, barring the Scatter and Wild Symbols, duly increasing the Win Multiplier (by + 1) for the next collapse.
  • Should the xBomb® Symbol split, it will also increase the Win Multiplier for the next collapse – by the amount that it divides into.
  • All xBombs® Symbols will explode before the next collapse.

The Border xCluster® Feature

  • The xCluster® Feature may only transpire during the Bonus Mode.
  • 2 Or more unique symbol clusters that appear in the same avalanche will trigger the xCluster® Feature, duly increasing the Win Multiplier (by +1 for each unique symbol cluster – from the 2nd cluster onwards).
  • The xCluster® Multiplier will be instantly added and impact all current gains that are associated to the spin.

The Border Boosted xRIP® Feature

  • At the cost of an extra 50% the player will be guaranteed of a Scatter Symbol appearing upon reel 1.
  • It should be noted that once this game play mode is activated, no payouts will be generated for any wins below the base bet.
    • This is not applicable to any Bonus Mode.
    • The payout for each symbol is not affected.

The Border Mule Spins Feature

  • 6 Scatter Symbols collected will trigger 10 Mule Spins.
  • Should any xWays® Symbol form part of a Cluster Win, all cluster symbols on the same reel will be infected prior to the xSplit® and xNudge® process.
    • xWays® Symbols that reveal 2 or 4 symbols will split into 2 or 4 more symbols, respectively.
  • Landing additional Scatter Symbols during this feature will ensure an upgrade to the Coyote Spins Feature (and award the player with 2 extra spins per Scatter Symbol).

The Border Coyote Spins Feature

  • 7 Or more Scatter Symbols will trigger the Coyote Spins.
  • 7 Scatter Symbols will present the gamer with 12 spins.
  • Any additional Scatter Symbols will award 2 extra spins per symbol.
  • xWays® Symbols will infect ALL cluster symbols.
  • All xBombs® Symbols will add their Multiplier values to all symbols that hold an xX indicator (that are not blown away).
  • xBombs® Symbols that are not associated with a Multiplier will receive a Multiplier (of +1).
  • The tally of the Win Multiplier will not be re-set during the Coyote Spins Feature.

The Border is a real-money online slots game that is proudly hosted by Jackpot Village Casino – one of the greatest and best online casinos in Canada. New patrons will receive a Welcome Bonus of C$2 000, plus 30 Bonus Spins.

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