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Sonic Links Review

Sonic Links is the boastful kid on the block who is proud to present you with a new edition to the Link&WinÔ Series. This classical slot styled game is processed on 5 reels with modern features … AND is bursting with massive wins! Enjoy these fruity visuals along with the famous “7” and many a gold bar. Sonic Links is a real online jackpot video slots game that is brought to you by Just for the Win and is played on 5 reels, with 25 paylines. If you are an online Canadian gamer who thirsts for a legitimate slot, this is for you.

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Slot Details

Sonic Links Online Slots Review

To start spinning away in this game you will need to place your bet. The reminiscent player may opt for the autoplay (function). Faster paced adventurers need not hesitate and are encouraged to speedily engage the quick spin (function) – for a spectacular experience.

You stand the chance of winning up to 5 000 x your bet.

Game Rules

  • Win on a line will render player reward if the winning symbols course in succession – from the extreme left to the right of the reel.
    • The gamer will only be paid for the highest win per line.
  • Simultaneous gains arising from different lines will be added to the main game procurements.
  • Winning sequences will be highlighted upon the reels prior to payment.
  • Each spin played will cost the total bet amount.
  • Coin Symbols will only generate reward during the Link&Win™ Feature.

Sonic Free Spins may not be jointly activated with the Link&Win™ Feature.

Sonic Links Slot Game Features

Wild Symbol

  • The Wild Symbol may substitute all other symbols except for the Free Spins and Coin Symbols.
  • Wild Symbol substitutions will generate the highest possible winning sequence on a line, in accordance to the paytable.
  • Wild Symbols may create their own winning combinations when landing in a payline.

Sonic Free Spins Feature

  • 3 Free Spins Symbols appearing anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5 during the base game will trigger the Sonic Free Spins Wheels.
  • The Free Spins Symbol may only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 during both the base game and the Sonic Free Spins Feature.
  • There are 2 spinning wheels that are starred during this game play mode; namely, the Multiplier Wheel and the Spins Wheel.


  • The Multiplier Wheel will award the gamer with a Multiplier (in according to the paytable); and
  • The Spins Wheel will generate a certain amount of Sonic Free Spins (which concurs with the paytable).


  • All line wins that are created during the Sonic Free Spins will be summed by the awarded Multiplier.
  • Landing 3 Free Spins Symbols will present the player with an additional amount of Sonic Free Spins – which are equal to the initial awarded quota (via the wheel).
  • Landing 3 Free Spins Symbols will not re-activate the spinning wheels.
  • The last bet placed will be accepted as the wager for the Sonic Free Spins.
  • Procurements will be collected automatically during the Sonic Free Spins.
  • Sonic Free Spins may not be initiated within the Link&Win™ Feature.

Link&WinÔ Feature

  • Landing 3, 4 or 5 Coin Symbols anywhere on the reels during the base game will present the player with the possibility of triggering this feature – via the ECHO CHANCE (game play mode).


  • The ECHO CHANCE provides the player with an opportunity of prompting the Link&Win™ Feature.


  • Landing 4 Coin Symbols will postulate a higher chance of triggering this feature than 3 Coin Symbols will.
  • Landing 5 Coin Symbols will offer the gamer an even better opportunity of initiating this feature than what 4 Coin Symbols will.
  • Landing 6 or more Coin Symbols anywhere on the reels during the base game will guarantee the activation of this feature.


  • Coin Symbols may only appear during the base game and the Link&Win™ Feature.
  • This feature kicks off with 3 spins.
  • The triggering Coin Symbols from the base game will remain in place at the start of the Link&Win™ Feature.
  • 1 Or more Coin Symbols amassed will remain in position and the spin counter will be re-set to 3 rotations.
  • The Link&Win™ Feature is played on 15 independent reels.
    • Only Coin Symbols and blank spaces will appear on the reels.
      • Each Coin Symbol holds either a cash or prize value.
    • The cash values are denominated as follows: x 1, x 2, x 3, x 4, x 5, x 6, x 7, x 8, x 10, x 12, x 15, x 18 or x 20 the current bet amount.
    • The prize values are as listed here below:
  • BIG Prize: awards the player with 25 x the current bet;
  • MAJOR Prize: awards the player with 80 x the current bet; and
  • MEGA Prize: awards the player with 300 x the current bet.


  • Should all 15 reels be filled with Coin Symbols, a SONIC Prize of 5 000 x the current bet will be presented, IN ADDITION to the collected win amount.
  • This feature will culminate once either the quota of system spins is exhausted or upon award of the SONIC Prize.
  • Line wins, if any, will be paid out prior to the start of this feature.
  • The last placed wager will be accepted as the bet amount for this game play mode.
  • Wins will be awarded at the end of the Link&Win™ Feature.
  • It should be noted that the Link&Win™ Feature may not be activated during the Sonic Free Spins.

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