Miner Donkey Trouble Review

Are you up for the challenge of handling a rock face by any means possible? If so, it is suggested that you don your gear as precious minerals lie in wait! This game is bursting with entertaining features and suspenseful moments that promise to keep the gamer prospecting for mega wins. Miner Donkey Trouble is a real video slots game that is brought to you by Play’n GO and is played on 5 reels, with cluster paylines. If you are in the market for a legitimate Canadian online slots game, rest assured, as this is the perfect mine shaft for you.

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Slot Details

Before heading off to reap your fortune (with your troublesome donkey) you shall need to place your bet, in order to get those reels spinning. Should you prefer to spectate this game, simply select the Auto Spin Function, sit back, relax, and bear witness to the miner’s dream. The Turbo Spin Function is available for the faster paced gamer.

Should the game round be disrupted, all information and placed bets will be stored until the game is re-opened (the unfinished game may be continued from the point of interruption). Unresolved bets placed and remaining undecided upon (in incomplete games) will become void after 90 days. Malfunction voids all pays and plays. Miner Donkey Trouble is a 5 X 7 cascading video slots game.

Cluster Pays

Symbols will drop into the grid to create wins. 5 Or more adjacently connected symbols in a cluster will award a win. Only the highest win in the cluster will be paid. After a win, the winning symbols will be removed, allowing for the allotment of new symbols. Multiple clusters of identical symbols that are not connected, will be paid as separate clusters.

Donkey Destruction Feature

All wins will contribute towards the DONKEY DESTRUCTION Feature. Once a symbol win threshold is obtained, a DONKEY DESTRUCTION Feature will be added to the queue. When no further wins are visible, the next feature in the queue will be activated. The game round will continue after all effects.

The DONKEY DESTRUCTION Feature consists of the following modes:

  • DONKEY DESTRUCTION 1 (18 winning symbols are to be accumulated for this mode): All Rock Symbols on the grid will be destroyed;


  • DONKEY DESTRUCTION 2 (40 winning symbols are to be accumulated for this mode): All Gem and Rock Symbols on the grid will be destroyed; and


  • DONKEY DESTRUCTION 3 (40 winning symbols are to be accumulated for this mode): All symbols, barring the GOLDEN NUGGETS on the grid will be destroyed. The player is guaranteed to receive up to an extra 5 GOLDEN NUGGETS.


Golden Nugget Symbol

The GOLDEN NUGGET Symbols that appear on the grid do not form winning combinations. Should a GOLDEN NUGGET reach (or appear) on the bottom row of the grid, it will be removed, resulting in a + 1 MULTIPLIER. The MULTIPLIER will apply to any further winning clusters.

To increase the MULTIPLIER further, additional GOLDEN NUGGETS are to be collected. The MULTIPLIER will be reset at the start of each game round.

Miner’s Pickaxe

The MINER’S PICKAXE Symbol may manifest upon the appearance of new symbols making their way down the gaps into the grid. Should the MINER’S PICKAXE appear, it will be removed and the PICKAXE WILD Feature will be queued. After all wins are culminated, the DONKEY DESTRUCTION Feature will conclude. When sufficient GOLDEN NUGGETS are collected, the PICKAXE WILD Feature will be triggered.

Pickaxe Wild Feature

The PICKAXE WILD Feature adds between 4 and 10 Diamond Wild Symbols to the grid. The Diamond Wild Symbols will substitute Gem and Rock Symbols in order to form winning clusters.

Random Mega Symbol Feature

This feature will either activate on non-winning game rounds, or after all features have concluded. When triggered, up to 2 identical Gem, Rock or Diamond Wild Mega Symbols will enjoy random placement on the grid. The Mega Symbol will replace all other symbols within a 2 X 2, 3 X 3, or 4 X 4 square.

Dynamite Scatters Feature

DYNAMITE SCATTERS may appear whilst new symbols are cascaded into the grid (in order to fill empty gaps). These symbols will explode after all wins have concluded. Upon detonation, the DYNAMITE SCATTER will be removed from the grid (along with any surrounding Gem and Rock Symbols within a 2 grid radius from the symbols.) 2 Diamond Wild Symbols will then be added.

Free Spins Feature

Detonating 3 DYNAMITE SCATTER SYMBOLS in 1 game round will award the player with 5 FREE SPINS. The FREE SPINS will begin after all wins have concluded. Detonating 3 DYNAMITE SCATTER SYMBOLS  during the FREE SPINS mode will award the gamer with + 5 FREE SPINS (up to a maximum of 20 FREE SPINS). The MULTIPLIER will not be reset between each FREE SPIN.

Enjoy playing this fun-filled, mining themed video slots game with Casino Joy. All new players will receive a Welcome Bonus of CA$1000, plus 200 Free Spins and are spoilt for choice, with over 1000 Games to enjoy.

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