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Folsom Prison Review

If your secret insanity synchronizes with high volatility slot games, please bring this one into line, dear gamer. These reels are hardcore, embody 7 exciting features and life on this realm is ambitious indeed! This game owes its provenance to the brutal penitentiary, known as Folsom State Prison. Remember that hanging around with the wrong crowd spells trouble for you bubble! Only the cold-blooded individual who is sharp of nature (full pun intended) will survive this one. Folsom Prison is a real online video slots game that is brought to you by Nolimit City and is played on 5 reels, with up to 3 456 win ways. If you are in the online Canadian market and are on the lookout for a genuine slots game (with great gusto), this is for you!

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Slot Details

If you are intent on playing your part here, please place your bet as soon as possible. The spectator who is enthused by prison entertainment is welcome on this platform and we advise you to make use of our autoplay (function). If speed and jeopardy are synonymous to you as a gamer, please opt for the Quick Spin Function.  

You stand the chance of winning up to 75 000 x your bet!

Game Rules

  • This game is processed on 5 reels and a row framework of 2-2-2-2-0 (which may expand up to 4-6-6-6-4).
  • There are 16 win ways by default; however, the player may gain up to 3 456 ways.
  • Proceeds are calculated by multiplying the value of the symbol in the paytable, by the number of the ways of that symbol.
  • A winning combination of the same symbol will pay from the left to the right in direction.
  • Only the highest winning sequence will be presented to the player.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Wild Symbols

  • There are 2 different Wild Symbols, which are depicted as follows:
    • A rose petal with the word “WILD” inscribed upon it; and
    • The cockroach nest.
  • Wild Symbols may land upon any reel except for reel 1.
  • Wild Symbols may substitute any other paying symbol.

Reel Area Set Up

  • The reel set up is calibrated at 4-6-6-6-4 rows, coursing across 5 reels – with several locked positions, which may be unlocked by the Cockroach or Special Symbols.
  • Only the unlocked reel positions will hold active symbols.
  • When the base game starts, the only active positions in process are the 2 middle rows, on the first 4 reels.
  • During the 2 Bonus Feature, additional positions will be unlocked – when these functions kick off.
  • Whenever a Wild, Scatter, xSplit® or xWays® Symbol lands on an open position it will unlock the closest sealed locations above and below it (on the respective reel).

Toast Bet Feature

  • At a cost of an extra 20%, the player is guaranteed the appearance of a Scatter Symbol landing upon the 2nd reel.
    • The payout for each symbol will not be affected.

Scatter Symbol

  • The Scatter Symbol may only land on the middle 2 rows – reels 2 to 5 during the base game and upon reel 5 during the Walk the Line Feature.
  • Landing 2 Scatter Symbols in the base game will open up the middle 2 rows on reel 5.
  • Should more than 2 Scatter Symbols land during the base game, 1 of the following 2 game play modes will be incepted:

Walk the Line Feature

  • Landing 3 Scatter Symbols during the base game will trigger 8 Walk the Line Spins.
  • Any Scatter Symbols affected by the xSplit® Symbol will award the player with +1 spin.
  • Landing a Scatter Symbol during this game play mode (which may only be available on reel 5) will award the player with +2 spins (and +1 extra spin if the xSplit® Symbol is involved).
  • An upgrade will result from any further Walk the Line Spins and duly direct the gamer into the Chair Spins Feature.
  • Each spin will start with the center rows calibrated to be open (2-4-4-4-2), with the guarantee of the appearance of 1 Cockroach Symbol.

Chair Spins Feature

  • Landing 4 Scatter Symbols during the base game will trigger 8 Chair Spins.
  • Any Scatter Symbols affected by the xSplit® Symbol will be awarded with +1 spin.
  • Each spin will kick off with the center rows calibrated to be open (4-4-4-4-4), with the minimum guarantee of 3 Cockroach Symbols.

Cockroach Feature

  • Cockroaches may roam anywhere; however, their nests will always be spawned in the open positions – either upon the 3 middle reels or via Scatter Symbol transformations.
  • Any locked cell they get into will be opened.
  • A Cockroach Symbol will eventually transform into a Wild Symbol.
    • It will then crawl above the reels, duly adding its Multiplier to any symbol that it passes.
    • Cockroach Symbols will transmute into Wild Symbol status on the exact steps / positions of appearance.


  • During Bonus Modes a Cockroach Nest / Wild Symbol may land upon the reels and function as follows:


  • The Cockroach Nest / Wild Symbol will remain inactive until a Cockroach Symbol walks on it;
    • The Cockroach Symbol will also upgrade its Multiplier to the next level for the remainder of the feature.
    • Cockroach Symbol upgrades may occur up to a maximum of 3 times.
    • The Multiplier levels are calibrated as x 1, x 2, x 3 and x 10.
  • Should the Cockroach Nest / Wild Symbol hold 2 eggs, the Cockroach Symbol will be upgraded by 1 level AND also be cloned (by 1 extra symbol) for the remainder of the feature; and
  • The Cockroach Symbol will retain the associated Multipliers that were attached from the Walk the Line Feature upgrades (through to the Chair Spins Feature).

xWays® Symbol

  • The xWays® Symbol may appear anywhere.
  • The xWays® Symbol will transform into a normal paying symbol.
  • This symbol will reveal 2 to 4 symbols of the same kind and increase the number of win ways.
  • The xWays® Symbol will open 1 symbol position above and 1 symbol position below (on the same reel).

xSplit® Symbol

  • The xSplit® Symbol may only appear upon the central 2 rows on reels 2 to 5 in Folsom Prison.
  • xSplit® Symbols will split the entire row they land upon, duly doubling the number of ways for paying symbols.
  • This symbol will also splits itself into 2 Wild Symbols.
  • Split Scatter Symbols will award the player with an additional spin when triggering a Bonus Feature.
  • Split Scatter Symbols will also open up additional locked cells.
  • The Cockroach Nest / Wild Symbol will increase its Multiplier by x 1 when split.

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