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FlyX Online Slot is packed with excitement and offers a new style of gaming. FlyX is a “Crash Betting” game, where players bet on the rise of an object like a plane or a spaceman and then bet again when the object comes crashing down!  FlyX is a real-money crash-style online slots game brought to you by Games Global in collaboration with Buck Stakes Studios and is played on a curved graph. FlyX is an excellent game for Canadian online players who are after the minimum C$1 special deposit offer.

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More About FlyX Real Money Online Slots Review

Play for real money with FlyX and bet on the rise and fall of objects. The Autoplay Function is available to players who wish to sit back, relax and enjoy crash-style gaming

You can win up to a capped amount of C$10,000 in credits.

FlyX – Game Objectives

• This is a Crash Betting game.
• Crash Betting is where a Multiplier slowly increases over time. At any point during the increase, the game can suddenly end, known as a crash.
• This game includes 2 bet panels.
• Each bet panel works independently, which allows the player to place 2 bets simultaneously during a game.
• The game’s objective is to observe the increasing Multiplier and anticipate when to cash out BEFORE the game crashes.

FlyX – Betting Rules

• 1 or both bet panels can contain a bet.
• Each bet panel works independently and allows the player to select a chosen wager, which can be predefined.
• A bet must be selected and placed before each round starts.
• Bets can only be changed between games.
• Placing a bet during an active round only applies to the following round.
• Selecting Cash Out before the round crashes pays the win out.
• This game has a maximum value that will automatically cash out when reached. The maximum value is C$10,000 x the bet.
• The round ends when a crash occurs; if the player will lose the bet if he/she doesn’t cash out before the crash.

• The player can select Autoplay to play multiple rounds or set the automatic cash-out value.
• The value of the Auto Cash Out Multiplier can be set for each panel. The Auto Cash Out pays when the game reaches the Multiplier.
• The player must place a wager on a betting panel to play. If a player doesn’t place a bet, they must wait for the next round to start.
• Winnings depend on the bet placed and the Multiplier.
• Winnings display when cashing out.
• All payouts reflect in credits.

FlyX – Autoplay Rules

• Auto allows the player to activate the Autoplay or Auto Cash Out Features.
• Players can activate an auto on the number of bet panels that they wish to play on.
• Autoplay plays with the last chosen bet value; for this reason, the player must select a bet amount before activating Autoplay.
• Autoplay starts at 100, and the remaining rounds in the Autoplay session display during the game.

• The value of the Auto Cash Out Multiplier can be set per panel. The Auto Cash Out will pay when the Multiplier is reached.
• The game doesn’t require further interaction if both the Autoplay and the Auto Cash Out are active.
• If the Auto Cash Out is not active, the player needs to anticipate when to cash out before the round crashes.
• The round ends when a crash occurs; the player loses the bet if he/she doesn’t cash out.
• The player can stop the autoplay at any time during the session.

More about Crash Betting

• Crash Betting is a form of online gambling that has gained popularity in recent years. It involves placing bets on the outcome of a “crash” event, which is essentially a game of chance with increasing Multipliers.
• In a typical Crash Betting game, players place their bets before the round starts. The game starts with a line with a Multiplier of x 1 and gradually increases. The goal for players is to cash their bets out at the right moment to secure their winnings before the crash occurs.

• As the Multiplier increases, players can cash out at any time. The Multiplier continues to rise until it reaches a certain point when the game crashes and loses all active bets. The crash can randomly occur or follow a predetermined pattern.
• The fundamental strategy in Crash Betting is to predict the ideal moment to cash out and secure the highest possible payout. Cashing out too early means missing out on potential winnings, while cashing out too late results in losing the bet entirely.

• Crash Betting platforms are typically online websites or mobile applications that offer various Crash Games with varying Multipliers and betting limits. These platforms often have user-friendly interfaces and provide real-time statistics to help players make informed decisions.

More About Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City Casino – one of the most popular and best online casinos in Canada– brings you FlyX, a real-money online Crash Betting game. New players receive a Welcome Bonus of C$1,600 and can enjoy playing FlyX with 40 Bonus Spins and a minimum deposit offer of only C$1.

Players can choose from a variety of over 700 online games. Jackpot City Casino offers a speedy 24/7 customer support service and is a top-rated Microgaming casino – your one-stop shop for online entertainment.