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Armadillo Goes West Review

Don’t squat with your spurs on cowboy, as you will want to participate in this gold hunt. Equipped with a pistol, cigar, booze, his stylish sombrero and a good sense of humor, the Armadillo is rearing to take on both bounties and bullies to help YOU, dear gamer, reap reward! Armadillo Goes West is a real online cash prize video slots game that is brought to you by Spearhead Studios and is played on 5 reels, with 25 paylines. If you are scouring the online Canadian gaming arena for fun and legitimacy, your search was a success, this is where you may use your ammo.

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Slot Details

Remember its “finders keepers” in this hunt, so giddy on up and place your bet. The spectator may engage the Autoplay Function to witness these proceedings at leisure. For those who are fast on the draw, you are well catered for and are advised to opt for the Quick Spin Function.

You stand the chance of winning up to 2 000 x your bet and 4 000 x the bet if doubled up!

Game Rules

  • This game operates on 25 fixed paylines, which will pay from the left to the right of the reel.
  • The payout for each spin will equal the sum of the paytable values that correspond to each line win.
  • Coinciding wins will be summed together.
  • All wins will be strictly processed on the lines, except for Bonus and Scatters Symbol rewards.
  • The player will only be rewarded for the longest winning sequences.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Wild Symbol

  • The Wild Symbol may substitute any other symbol, barring the Bonus and Free Spins Scatter Symbols.
  • The sheriff’s badge acts as the Wild Symbol.

Free Spins Feature

  • The pair of pistols represent the Free Spins Scatter Symbol.
  • 3 Or more Scatter Symbols will trigger the Combo Feature Free Spins.
  • 3 Free Games are played during this feature.
  • During each Free Game, the player is guaranteed of a random game play mode upon each spin.
  • Free Spins are paid in accordance to the bet amount placed, prior to the inception of this feature.
  • Amassing Free Spins Scatter Symbols will not generate payouts, these symbols may only initiate the Free Spins Feature.
  • The Free Spins Feature may not be re-triggered.

Random Features

  • At the beginning of each spin, there is a chance of triggering 1 of the following feature modes, prior to the reels coming to a halt:

Feature Mode

Mode of Action

Random Wild Symbols

–       Random positions upon the reel will be substituted by Wild Symbols.

o   From 1 to 4 Wild Symbols may be awarded from each trigger.

Wild Reels

–       Every Position on randomly selected reels will be substituted by Wild Symbols.

o   From 1 to 3 Wild Reels may be awarded from each trigger.

Colossal Reels

–       Randomly selected adjacent reels will be fused together.

o   These fused reels will spin larger images upon them.

o   Every position that the larger image occupies will count as an individual (1 x 1) symbol on the reels, duly determining wins on the lines after the reels come to a halt.

o   The symbols appearing upon these reels may range from 2 x 2, 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 in size.

Random Multiplier

–       A random Multiplier (of x 2, x 3, x 4 or x 5) will be displayed at the beginning of the spin and will be applied to all line wins.

Symbol Upgrade

–       All lower paying symbols (within player visibility) will be randomly selected and upgraded to casually elected higher paying symbols.

o   The number of symbols upgraded will equal the amount of the lower paying symbols chosen from the reels.

Repeat Win

–       A winning spin will be repeated for free (from 2 to 5 times).

Instant Win

–       Awards the gamer with a random credit amount (from 1 x to 100 x the bet).


  • The random feature will not be applied over any Free Spin Scatter, Wild or Bonus Symbols.
  • Random Wild Symbols may not be placed over the Free Spins Scatter, Wild or Bonus Symbols.
  • The Repeat Win Feature may not transpire at the same time as the Free Spins or Trail Bonus Features.
  • The Free Spins and the Trail Bonus Features may also not be collectively activated.

Trail Bonus Feature

  • The wagon represents the Bonus Symbol.
  • The Snake Symbol will terminate the Bonus Feature.
    • This game play mode is processed on a board game holding a trail of spaces, containing various feature items, as follows:

Feature Item

Function / Player Reward


–       Awards the player with the credit amounts displayed.

o   These credit amounts will range from 1 x to 200 x the bet (after landing on the Double Symbol).

Double Symbol

–       Doubles all credit amounts on the board, including the Prize Pot.

Forward X Spaces

–       The player will be moved up by a number of spaces (between 1 to 6).

o   The randomly chosen new space alighted upon will award a prize (which includes the Snake Symbol – which may end the feature).

Back X Spaces

–       The player will be moved back by a number of spaces (between 1 to 6).

o   The randomly chosen new space alighted upon will award a prize (which includes the Snake Symbol – which may end the feature).

Heart Symbol

–       The player will be awarded with an additional Heart Symbol.

o   The bonus will start with no Heart Symbols.

o   Should the Armadillo land upon the Snake Symbol, a Heart Symbol is required for the feature to continue.

§  If he lands on a Snake Symbol that contains no Heart Symbol, the round will be culminated.

Lightning Roll

–       The next bullet roll after landing the item will collect all rewards.

Award All Credits

–       Awards all credits that are within 1, 2 or 3 positions from this item.

o   The position amounts will vary and are randomly determined.

Spin Upgrade

–       The number of spaces that the Armadillo moves (for the remainder of the Trail Bonus) will be equal to twice the amount of bullets rolled upon each turn.

Trail Prize Pot

–       A trail completion prize of 2000 x the bet will be awarded to the gamer who completes the trail.

o   This winning amount may be doubled to 4 000 x the bet.

Snake Symbol

–       Landing on a Snake Symbol will end the feature unless the player has remaining lives (Heart Symbols). In the instance of available lives, 1 of the Heart Symbols will then be lost and the feature will continue.


  • The Trail Bonus is paid in accordance to the active bet amount during activation of the Bonus Feature.

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