Woodbine Entertainment Helps Ontario Thoroughbred Industry

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Woodbine Entertainment has, once again, shown its readiness to help the local thoroughbred horse industry in Ontario with new programmes and initiatives. 

Woodbine Entertainment remains at the forefront of efforts to prop up Ontario’s thoroughbred horseracing market segment, which has taken a significant knock due to the ongoing pandemic. In response to the challenging market conditions, the company has launched three new initiatives, with the first event planned on 23 December in collaboration with the Horses First Fund.

There are currently 130 Woodbine racetrack horsepeople on the backstretch and facing uncertainty regarding the resumption of live thoroughbred events at the racecourse. Subsequently, Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Mohawk Park management are willing to offer a helping hand during these trying times, with numerous initiatives starting this week.

Special Measures Put in Place

The past two years have taken their toll on the horseracing industry in Canada as a whole, with the latest restriction being eased just recently. November 2021 saw an official announcement that live thoroughbred racing will be suspended due to the ongoing unprecedented situation. 

Woodbine Entertainment is the horseracing leader in the province of Ontario and has promised to cooperate with the provincial government and carry through its decisions while remaining as flexible as possible.

Woodbine racetrack ended its racing season on 22 November, after Ontario’s provincial government announced new limitations affecting most businesses, with thoroughbred racetracks being one of them. The live racing season was supposed to end on 13 December 2021.

The Horses First Fund is one of the most significant players in Ontario’s horseracing market and supports the thoroughbred industry in times of need. Both the horses, the trainers, and the caretakers are eligible for support from the fund in case of largescale neglect, natural disasters, or other catastrophes.

23 December is projected to see the commencement of a hot meal programme, offering individuals a chance to enjoy a hearty meal every week. Another measure that Woodbine Entertainment has implemented is the reduction of rentals for individuals living on the backstretch at the venue. Since these facilities are their permanent home, this would make it possible for them to cater to the horses’ needs daily.

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