Two New Horseracing Scholarships Up for Grabs

Scholarship. Image Credit: Shutterstock
Scholarship. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Equine Guelph has revealed that it will sponsor two horseracing scholarships for up-and-coming local horseracing enthusiasts.

Equine Guelph has recently announced that it will be granting scholarships to two applicants who wish to enter the local horseracing industry.  Registrations have now opened, and two winners will be selected based on their resumes and commitment to the industry. The deadline for entries is 30 November.

The two scholarships will be sponsored through the Equine Guelph’s tuition awards programme, which has been running since 2016. The programme exists thanks to the generosity and contributions of the Stocks and L’Heureux families, who organised memorial awards for future ambassadors of Ontario’s horseracing industry.

Scouting for Top Candidates

The two winners will be selected based on their appreciation of the equine industry, along with their commitment to the hose welfare and desire to learn. The candidates will then undertake two online courses through Equine Guelph, each worth CA$549. Certificates will be available in Equine Science, Equine Welfare, and Equine Business, with six courses needed to gain certification.

Director of Equine Guelph, Gayle Ecker, noted that members from the Ontario racing industry had found new methods to optimise the health and performances of horses through According to Ecker, the 3-month online university-accredited courses are excellent opportunities for horseracing enthusiasts to learn and improve.

Cameron Lago, standardbred breeder and winner of both awards, says that the Equine Guelph digital courses have been of great use to him in his day to day dealings within the live harness industry. Lago, who was raised on a horse-breeding farm, first took an online genetics course and later did a nutrition module, which helped him gain sufficient knowledge about the fillies.

Before applying for the Equine Guelph 2021 tuition awards, candidates must first write a supporting letter of no less than 250 words. In the letter, applicants need to describe their love of horses and how they remain committed to the horseracing industry. Applicants can file their submissions via Equine Guelph’s website.

Woodbine Internships

Woodbine Entertainment also extended an opportunity to horseracing enthusiasts to join the live harness industry. The equine leader announced two standardbred Internships for the 2021 season at its Woodbine Mohawk Park.

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