Two Companies Vie for Kingsway Entertainment District Contract

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Greater Sudbury city council recently disclosed that two companies had submitted bids for their general contractor proposal request.

This week, the Greater Sudbury city council gave an update on its controversial multi-million dollar Kingsway Entertainment District (KED) project. The city representatives informed that the results are out for its request for proposals for KED’s general contractor. According to the city, only two companies submitted a bid before the 16 June 2022 deadline.

The new event centre is set to cost more than CA$100,000,000 and, after numerous delays and obstacles, the city plans to have a grand opening in 2025. KED will be located on the outskirts of the town, and it will host a premium casino property by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, a hotel by Genesis Hospitality, a multi-purpose arena, and much more.

Two Companies in the Run

Sudbury’s city management noted that there were initially three bidders for the KED contract. The remaining applicants are PCL Constructors Canada Inc and Ball Construction/TESC Construction Inc. EllisDon Corporation, the third applicant, was disqualified since the company did not submit a bid before the 16 June deadline.

The next step is to evaluate the two remaining candidates and prepare a recommendation to the council in July. The city administration must also provide a total project cost for the project. Last week, the city council received a detailed update on the project, where officials shared their hopes for the completion of the entire project by 2025.

Greater Sudbury director of strategic initiatives, Ian Wood, commented that the city is trying to stick to the deadlines. The city council told staff to proceed quickly with the project last year. The town also awaits a project completion agreement signed by all project partners.

Previously, the city revealed that the preparation work on the site will be split between the partners and will be cost-shared. The progressive design-build process underpins the CA$100 million set aside for the project that the administration selected after choosing a general contractor. Currently, the project is nearing the end of the first of the three stages in the design-build process.

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